Change is possible.

The biggest obstacle to change is that we think we already know the answer.  Joe Davis

Choices Seminars is about change. It’s about changing the things in your life that aren’t working. It’s about healing the wounds that continue to seep and drain your passion and commitment to living your best life yet.

It’s about learning to let go of past sorrows and celebrate small and big moments freely. It’s about dreaming and building a path to live your dreams outside the comfort of the narrow, small box of doing what you’ve done before because that’s the way you’ve always been or done it.

It’s about being who you are when the chatter in your head doesn’t create static that blocks you from seeing how beautiful, loving, caring and magnificent you and the world around you truly is.

And it’s about learning simple tools that can help you stay on track, no matter the weather, no matter the obstacles on your path.

And still we balk. We hesitate. We resist.

We say, “I know. I know…”  I shouldn’t spend too much, drink too much, eat too much, talk too much, laugh too much, stay alone so much, give so much. I shouldn’t stay silent. I shouldn’t yell. I shouldn’t cry. I shouldn’t believe others when they tell me I am too noisy, quiet, loud, shy, and every other opinion they share that makes me want to change everything about me just so I can fit in. Feel like I belong. Feel like I am seen.

We ‘should’ all over ourselves with the things we say we know we should not do, while fearing there’s nothing else we can do, it’s just the way we are, it’s all that we deserve, what’s the point? why bother?

We all fear change. Fear is a human response to our inability to predict what is going to happen next. It is a natural response to the things we don’t understand in our lives and the world around us.

To offset our fear, we make decisions about ourselves and everyone and everything around us because we believe these are the decisions that will keep us safe. These are the beliefs that will help us make sense of what is happening.

And while the decisions we make may stop the pain in the moment, they don’t translate that well from the there and then when we made them to the here and now in which we are living. They only give us the illusion of feeling ‘safe’ because we know them, we are comfortable and familiar with our decisions. And, as long as we hold onto them, as long as we don’t challenge ourselves to let them go, we know where we stand, even on shifting sands and rocky bottoms.

Because, who would we be, where would we be, without our beliefs in how the world works and where we fit in it?

Choices gives us the opportunity to explore the questions of ‘what do I want more of in my life’ and to find our answers in a safe and courageous space.

It gives us the framework to ask ourselves… What if I’m wrong about what people see in me? What if what I believe isn’t true anymore? What if my pain is caused because I believe people can be…. mean, cold, cruel, unkind, thoughtless, stupid, rigid? What if my fear of moving forward is based on the belief… people always leave, are out to get me, don’t care, don’t see me, don’t hear me, don’t want to know me?

What if I truly do deserve to be happy, loved, content, peaceful, joyful, part of a ‘family’, belong, fit in, safe.

What if I truly do deserve a life of wonder and awe?

Having just spent five days in the Choices seminar room, I am immersed in the wonder and awe of our human condition. Of our capacity to carry pain, and our ability to let it go. To feel hurt and to heal. To break our hearts wide open and love freely.

I am in awe.

We are an amazing human race and the biggest obstacle to our accepting the beauty and magnificence of our human condition and the world around us is, Us.

Change is possible, once we get out of the way of believing the answer is, we can’t.

12 thoughts on “Change is possible.”

  1. That quote is brilliant Louise. I am still trying to get my head around the dilemma that thought process poses and moving on to a solution. This post ties in with Ian’s post today where he spoke of having a belief, drawing on strengths and overcoming obstacles and it left me wondering which to approach first (having the belief or ridding myself of obstacles). So when you spoke of the ‘belief’ as there possibly being an old belief that may be the very thing holding you (me) back versus the new belief to strive for. Recognizing which is which is probably the hardest step of all. Great post Louise! Brilliant as always! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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