In the awesome of being you.

living in the awesome copyOn the Saturday night of Choices, there is a family dance. It’s a no-alcohol, not-mandatory – just ‘come if you feel like it and dance with abandon’ kind of affair.

People turn up. Often, up to 200 – 250 people dancing and laughing and being free and chatting along the edges of the room. People don’t worry about having a partner to dance with.

They just dance.

At times, people will form a large circle and one or two people will leap into the middle and give it their all.

Last Saturday was no different. When I entered the room there was a large circle formed in the centre. I leaped in to say hello to a friend who was dancing and kept spinning and twirling about.

It was fun.

I moved back to the edge of the circle and two young boys, about 8 or 9, leapt into the centre and began to break dance, throwing their bodies onto the floor, spinning on their heads, twisting and gyrating. They were amazing.

One of the boys left the circle, the other raced over to me and waved me into the centre with him.

I didn’t hesitate.

We danced and spun. I kept my feet on the ground while he wormed and gyrated around me. We were laughing and spinning and having fun and when it was time, we moved back to the edge of the circle, someone else entered centre stage and the music and dancing rolled on.

After the song was over he raced over to me, gave me a high-five and said, “That was awesome!”

I smiled big and replied, “Yes! It was. And you’re awesome!”

He looked me full in the face, nodded his head, gave a great big grin and said, “Yes. I am!”

And then he raced off to catch the beat of the next song.

Now, I could say that the whole story was about me, a 61-year-old woman, having the wherewithal to dance with abandon with an 8 year-old, and while I love that thought, what it’s really about is his conviction of his ‘awesomeness’.

When do we lose it?

When do we forget we are awesome. That being the centre of attention is okay. That we can share centre stage and the world will continue to turn and open up to allow more in as we flow in and out and all over?

When do we let go of knowing, ‘we are awesome’.


6 thoughts on “In the awesome of being you.”

    1. It is kinda sad Mary — like your photos. To not celebrate your talent, to not share your gift, to not dance in the beauty all you create would be a loss for the rest of us! I’ve decided it’s not bragging when we acknowledge our gifts. It’s shining as brightly as we can! Hugs


  1. I was blessed to be an observer of this wonderful encounter and it was amazing to see that FUN has no age barrier! So much freedom and laughter and energy transpired at this amazing event! And all Alcohol and drug free!

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    1. LOL — I have been surprised Brynda by the number of people who commented on my FB page about that dance — it’s one of the reasons I love to dance. I don’t think — and I also don’t see anyone watching! 🙂 Many hugs my friend. It was lovely to see you.


  2. I watch u dance almost every family dance and all I have to say is WOW.
    U show so much energy and life I enjoy watching u dance around and show the love to everyone one. Thank u

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