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What do ya’ do when the shoe don’t fit?


fitting in

The centering thought for today’s 21 day meditation challenge is, ‘Belief renews me every day.’

Most of my life I have been told I am ‘creative’.

I didn’t always take it as a compliment. Sometimes, I thought people were suggesting I was flaky, unfocused, irritating…

I tried to conform.

I took jobs that looked good on paper, sounded good at cocktail parties and made good money. I even went so far as to become a stockbroker, a role I was highly unsuited for but one that I thought would legitimize me in society’s eyes.

I didn’t like it. It didn’t fit me.

It wasn’t that the job wasn’t a good career, it is for many. It’s just for me, it didn’t align with my soul’s calling, my heart’s yearning for creativity in my life.

This morning, as I sank into meditation, repeating the mantra, Sat Chit Ananda (Life is absolute bliss consciousness.) I felt my entire being opening up to the truth of my creative core.

I love being creative. I love expressing myself in creative ways that both challenge and stir my imagination.

I love how words strung together create pictures and feelings that stir the imagination and wake up minds.

How paint dripped on canvas evokes meaning that becomes an expression of joy, wonder, beauty with every stroke of a paintbrush, with every drop of paint thrown upon its surface.

I love the freedom of dance, the joy of spinning in circles, the wonder of creating movements in the spaces around me that stir the air and ripple out in waves of pure, irresistible joy.

I love being creative.

I am grateful.

Once upon a time, I thought being creative was a negative, a less than expression of my lack of meaning in the world.

Today, I know being creative, expressing myself through my creations, is my meaning in the world.

I don’t want to live in black and white. I don’t want to travel the same corridors as anyone else as I desperately try to fit into shoes that do not fit me.

I want to travel my own path, create my own waves. I want to try on life and see what fits and cast off the pieces that don’t sit well within me. I want my journey to inspire others to claim their own path so they too are free to express themselves in their own unique ways.

I want to create a world of wonder and awe where we are all free to express ourselves as creatively as we choose.

There is no right and wrong to creativity. There is only creativity, however we express it.

What joy!

Fitting in
(From Footprints in Melted Snow  — Poems and other thoughts on living well and loving deeply)
©Louise Gallagher (1993)

I don’t always know
that what I do is
or that it’s wrong.
What matters is I know
it is my best
so I am free of worry
about how I fit
into the world
around me.

And even though
I like to wear
only the clothes
I know
fit me

Sometimes I’ll try
a dress too large
or a shoe too small

And when I do
I take them off
and try
another size.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

9 thoughts on “What do ya’ do when the shoe don’t fit?

  1. one-size fits all …


    you are the right size for you, I am the right size for me … but we aren’t the right size for everyone. Good thing.

    we are all creative and by age 5 most of us still are – then others take over and dominate the process (parents, teachers, academia, workplace, bosses, spouses, governments, society, pop culture, media …etc) – and it stays that way until we re-take control over our lives

    we are as large, or as small, as we each choose to be

    be large

    be tall

    be one size … whatever size … we want, fits us all pretty well

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  2. Day 2 really resonated with me, what I believe makes me who I am. For some reason, that one was really full of release for me, but I’ve been working on retraining my brain and I think this opened up the door where I could step out on faith that my belief was true 🙂

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  3. Love reading your blogs, Louise. Peter and I think of you and your family often and the many memories we all have of the time we had together. As the saying goes, live long and prosper. Be happy and enjoy. Love you all, ME and Peter

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  4. I hear that! My mis-fit career was law. So not me. Although my mind does well with the logic of it, nothing else suited me at all. I’m not sure yet what my calling is, but writing is in there and I loved creating the exercise routines that combined the Psychophysical Method with yoga, which turned out to be better than either of them alone so creative is in there. As I read I wondered how many people are really cut out to work in those unhealthy offices, conforming to a schedule of eating and sleeping that may not be their natural rhythm, not being encouraged to create…???
    I think your creative output is worth SO much!
    BTW thanks for the mention of the meditations yesterday because I completely forgot to start — so I did two yesterday and plan on two today. This is the second Deepak series recently that is completely on track with where I am and what I can use some focus on.

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  5. Finding a job or project that really fits is the perfect dream!
    I am glad that you are there Louise.

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  6. I am grateful for these healing words, friend. You’re such a healer. Such a dancer with light:)
    Thank you for sharing the invitation to be exactly who we are.
    It’s a freeing dance you express:)


  7. Yes, Louise!! The beauty of your soul must come through your fingertips and express in the world through the many mediums you choose! Or should I say ‘it chooses?’ I understand completely what you have written…and I live it everyday! It must be expressed!! Much love to you!! ♡♡


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