You are here because you matter.

Why am I here?

It is a question many of us ask at some point in our life along with its cousin, “Do I matter?”

You are here because you matter.

We want to make it so much more difficult. We want to know the details, the particulars of why as if ‘the why’ will make it all worth it. As if ‘the why’ will bring some intrinsic value to the equation of our life we haven’t yet seen. There’s nothing else to the equation for you to see — you are here because you matter.

What makes life worth-it is living whole-heartedly through each step of the journey fearlessly confronting the why’s of our existence with the one answer that can quell the fearful questioning of the why of our existence. I am here because I matter.

We get to live the ‘how’ of how we matter through living this one precious, beautiful, life by taking each step of our journey in love with all our being wholly present to the truth of every human present on this one planet, one earth, one place we share and breathe and walk on every day — I am here because I matter.

Questing after ‘the why’ is what holds us back from being present, being whole-hearted, being whole. Searching for answers to ‘the why’ is what keeps us from knowing that we are here to be our own unique selves and that in being our truth, our beauty, our magnificence, we matter, we make a difference, we are worth it, and, we are worthy.

The universe, God, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, divine beings of whatever your belief system, do not question our worthiness. We humans question our worhtinness, our existence, our presence on planet earth. We humans are the creators of our own angst.


Just for today (and everyday if you’re willing to be very brave!), let go of questioning your worthiness and invite yourself to live outside ‘the why’. Invite your whole self into being present, fearlessly accepting that the reason you are here is because you matter.

You do. Matter.

A lot.

Now, repeat, after me…

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

I am here because I matter.

Believe it.

It’s true.


14 thoughts on “You are here because you matter.”

  1. there is never just ONE reason for anything

    why are you here?

    I’ll offer OTHER REASONS your are here, to add to what I believe would be many accolades once everyone chimes in

    you are a flashlight, you go into darkness – you show what is lurking there

    you are a mirror, your reflect what others cannot see until it is illustrated and pointed back in their direction

    you are warm

    not for any cosmic reason, you just are .. warm

    and we all need more of that

    have a great day

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  2. I am here because I matter. 😊 Thank you for the reminder, Louise. Your article brought make a memory from my late teenage years … at the time I was so lost and so focused on figuring out the big Why? I attended an Up With People event and came away glowing with insight that it is not “why are we here?” but “because we are here”.

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    1. Joanne! What a gift you are! And how wonderful for Tim that you can remind him in those moments of thinking he doesn’t matter, that he does. I think we all need someone to remind us at times when life feels like it is pushing us down! Hugs


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