Darkness is light standing still.

Don’t only practice your art,
But force your way into its secrets,
for it and knowledge can
raise men to the Divine.
Ludwig van Beethoven


Almost every morning since my first post at my original blog, Recover Your Joy, on March 3rd, 2007 (Scooping Up The Shadows), I have sat before a blank screen and forced my way into the secrets of my art. Trusting the process for no reason other than I am part of the process, a willing servant to the muse’s desire to have her way with me, I have placed my fingertips on my keyboard and let the words come.

In allowing vowels to follow consonants and making way for thoughts and ideas to dance their way into sentences strung together by words of every imagining, I have forced my way into the secrets of my heart, my vulnerability, my creative essence.

In this commitment to sit at my computer and explore the questions that arise simply because I am committed to being present here in dawn’s questioning light, I have discovered the power and joy of writing it out. Immersed in the wonder and awe of being connected to the Divine essence of my creative soulfulness. Practicing my art every morning has forced me to embrace my humanity and our shared human condition.

This is a journey of revolution and evolution.

I have chosen to take this journey because to not take it would have left me cowering beneath my fear of the dark, hiding in the shadows of my uncertain belief that this life, my life, makes a difference.

In appearing here every morning, in witnessing my words unfold and reach out far beyond the letters appearing on my screen, I have discovered truth shimmering in my fears. Light shining in the darkness.

On Tuesday, Liz at Be. Love. Live. shared a powerful description of the darkness in her post, Here’s How To Stop Being Afraid of the Dark:

“In a black hole, much of the light is trapped inside of the actual black hole, so there is a massive amount of light inside of it. The perception of a black hole is that it would be a physical manifestation of darkness, and yet, the black hole itself is filled with dense light. The vacuum of space, which we perceive as darkness, is filled with matter and anti-matter which is a form of storing light. In this sense, the darkness of the vacuum is just a state of light that is standing still. So it turns out that all of the physical perceptions of darkness around us are just another form of light. This brings us to the fact that the physics, if it is mirroring the spiritual, is telling us that the darkness itself is another form of the light and that darkness is dense light. Darkness is light that is standing still and is stored in a state of readiness to become light. Darkness is potential light and therefore, darkness is the source of light.” – quote fromspirituality information 101 (you can also check out what NASA says >>> here).

Darkness is light standing still. Densely packed, full of potential. Fully embracing its source. And that source is light.

How Divine.



11 thoughts on “Darkness is light standing still.”

  1. ah yes

    and once you started, you could not stop

    lucky us


    P.S.: I find, perhaps you do too, that far more than teaching – with each column I write, I am learning and getting more than I am giving. Writers, methinks, don’t keep this secret but yet so many people think they cannot write (OK, yes, some write terribly) but the very process of writing one’s own entrails on a page or screen is so cathartic. Publishing or having a following is lovely, but not the reason for the writing. Keep up the great work!

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  2. I love your words dear Louise…you pack such honesty and vulnerability and LOVE into them that it is impossible to not want to sit right down and write my own!! Thank you for your beauty…Thank you for your light!! ♡♡

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  3. I must take a lesson from you as I have all this in my head and in journals, but there is this fear of getting it down raw and it coming out all wrong.
    What joy you have brought to all of us being brave enough to just get it down! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, the fear of not getting it down right — One of the best pieces of advice about writing I received in my 20s from a writing instructor — she said that we must always be willing to ‘write bad’ to get to the good.

      It stuck with me!

      Thank you Elizabeth. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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