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An Advent Invitation: Week 2


Make time for the sacred copy

What is precious
inside us does not
care to be known
by the mind
in ways that diminish
its presence.
David Whyte
The Winter of Listening

It is the second week of advent. As you wait for the sun’s return, as you listen for your deepest knowing to awaken from these long dark nights of winter, listen to your heart. Listen to the silence and winter calling you to know ‘the otherness’.

The otherness of letting go of busy. Of releasing that which pressures you into doing too much. The otherness within when you allow time for breath to arise easily from deep within your soul. The otherness of knowing peace, hope, love and joy is here, right now, in this moment when we stop and breathe into its essence.

This is the time of endless nights growing darker. Of day’s light growing weaker in the soft approach of winter solstice, in the coming light of the child’s birth drawing near.

This is a time when our patience grows thin as we rush about, fighting crowds and traffic, endlessly hurrying towards one more checkmark on the list, one more item scratched off on the gifts we must buy.

Patience is a virtue and at this time of year, a necessity. Yet, we struggle against giving it time to grow, to take form, to inhabit our being present in the darkness of these wintery days so that we can lean into the silence to hear the song of joy being born within our hearts.

We cannot change the course of night, just as we cannot change the path of the earth moving around the sun. Winter will pass in its time, and whether we wait with calm heart, or battle against time’s slow passing, the sun will appear upon the horizon, raising itself up into the sky, with or without our permission. No matter how many items are checked off on our list, the sun will return, days will lengthen and nights grow shorter. The cycle of time passing will continue, again and again, in its never ending circle of life.

This is a time when I seek that place of quiet within where I can hear my heart giving birth to the new life I must call my own. This is a time when I yearn to fall into place with the world around me and the world within me. A place where the hustle and bustle of the season wanes as I find that place within where I know communion with the world, within and outside of me. This is the place where I let go of that which I ‘hate’ about me and find the courage to live from my poet’s heart growing up within me. It is in this place I sense the world through the beauty expressing itself through my soul’s desire to give birth to the one I have been waiting for, just as over 2,000 years ago, Mary gave birth to the One the world awaited.

And in that moment of quiet, as I sit in the stillness of the night, a song arises within me, and I find myself settling into my heart. In silence I wait patiently for the sun to return like a mother awaits the birth of her child.

And the world awaits the coming of peace, hope, love and joy to become the essence of my world.

Expectant Silence  (An Advent Poem)
©2012 Louise Gallagher

In expectant silence
the world awaits
the coming
of a child whose birth heralds
a world
of peace

In the quiet
of dawning light
I await
streaming rose and gold
threads of glory
filling the sky
with the promise
of a new day
born in the darkness
of the night

silence descends
light enters

I feel
the breath of the Divine

rising up within me
awakening my soul
with fluttering wings
and with each breath

I become an oasis
of peace



  1. What song is your heart listening to?
  2. Where do you need to stop listening to ‘those who had nothing to say’ so that you can hear the miraculous within you?
  3. What can you do this week to make space for the ‘new life’ that you must call your own to be born? During the meditation, was there a space where you felt yourself letting go of diminishing your presence?
  4. How can you carry that sense of the vastness of your being into the world with you today and for the next week?

For the meditation, please click HERE.

To read Make Time for the Sacred: Week 2, Click HERE.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

8 thoughts on “An Advent Invitation: Week 2

  1. I am definitely waiting for the sun to return. And I don’t participate in the rush that is December.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So you notice the difference in darkness the further north you’ve travelled Mary?

      And you are wise — to not participate. I love slowing down the pace, the acquiring, the doing. Much more fulfilling this way!


  2. Ah the ‘otherness’! It is stirring within me. Restless. It is trying to discern the path ahead and force its will on it, unwilling to trust.

    My inner peace will come by restoring trust that the path is my path and it will lead somewhere great. All I have to do is listen purely and act now on what I can.

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  3. I am trying really hard to let-go of all that rush-rush we have come to expect of Christmas and hoping for some calm and quiet (albeit with good company). It makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We are on a very similar, parallel journey this Advent it feels like to me. So, as I spend my quiet moments alone in darkness, I feel an extra special connection with you, knowing that there is another out there in the world who seems to really “get” how I am experiencing this season. And, for that, I am so grateful. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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