Songs of the Season: Alexis, this one’s for you!

There are two things my daughters and I have always shared together. Music and dancing.

As children, my daughters and I would listen to music together, sometimes sing together (though it was only Alexis who could truly carry a tune but her sister and I had fun trying to keep up — not to mention drive her crazy with our off-pitch, made up words and crazy riffs we’d add in just for fun, and effect) and always, we would dance. Some of my favourite videos from the girls when they were young are of the two of them all dressed up in some crazy concoction that they devised (think — black garbage bags and tin foil made into mini-skirts and tube tops, hair spiked out in some crazy fashion and bright red lipstick to make their lips all pouty), a hair brush covered in tin foil for a mic and some crazy antics as they danced and sang their way into a video just for me.

Absolutely awesome. Totally memorable.

Alas, I cannot share the videos here. I value my life too much and they have promised some serious retribution if I were to violate my promise to never share these precious moments in time beyond my personal viewing. 🙂

I can, however, share my eldest daughter’s favourite Christmas song. Last night, after we’d gone out to pick our tree and carried it back into the house to get it ready for decorating today in preparation of early-Christmas dinner for 18 tonight, we sat around the living room, sharing pizza and laughter as Christmas music played on my iPad.

This song came on and Alexis, as she states every year, said, “My favourite all time Christmas song.”

And though she didn’t get up to dance, she did quietly sing along, and as I always am when Alexis sings, I was in awe of the beauty of her voice and the joy that resonates throughout her being when she sings.

This one’s for you Alexis!


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