Songs of the season: Little Drummer Boy

I have written often of my father’s love of music. He also loved dogs and animals of all nature and music of the holiday season. My father’s music tastes were eclectic. He loved bagpipes, swing, country and wester, big band, classical, jazz, and just for fun, he’d throw in some Ravi Shankar.

I know that this version of Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby and David Bowie would have been one of his favourites. It always makes me tear up.

15 thoughts on “Songs of the season: Little Drummer Boy”

  1. Hi Louise – love you and appreciate your positiveness (if that’s a word!) I am on a blog break once again, as you know, but tonight struggling a bit with tears re Anthony’s brother’s horribleness. Sorry! Jxxx

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    1. I pressed the “Like” button on your comment Julie because there is no “I am standing with you and holding your heart in love” button.

      with all that you have on your plate, with all that you do to create love around you and those you love, your brother-in-laws horribleness is soooo unnecessary — and while I know it doesn’t help right now — remember, that how other people behave is a reflection of their hearts. His heart must be very hurt, angry and hardened — doesn’t excuse his behaviour — but it does mean, he isn’t able to behave any other way than how he is.

      My heart is heavy for your pain Julie. I am sending you love and light to embrace you and keep you safe. Much love.

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      1. I cannot thank you enough for this vote of support, Louise.It is hard at the moment but I will survive somehow. Thank you so much for your support – it means so much as I am nearly broken.

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  2. How strange. I heard this version of a Little Drummer Boy yesterday while driving downtown to join you for lunch. I also thought of Dad and knew that he would have liked it too! I know that he is always in our hearts especially at Christmas which he loved. I can picture him in the kitchen baking his tourtiers, Christmas cakes and cookies while his music was at full volume! Much Love, Jackie

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