Let us do it. Now.

Let us do it now copy

I am inspired by the Christchild story. Inspired by the promise of the One who will come into our world and bring peace and joy to all mankind.

Yet, I grow impatient. Where is the love? Where is the peace? Where is the acceptance of one another. I grow impatient and wonder, what am I waiting for?

I read of wars and soldiers fallen upon fields of battle far from home. I read of drug lords gunning down innocent children and mother’s arms reaching out to capture their child’s body before it falls.

I hear of a father killing his children, a mother abandoning hers. I hear of a mother running away from danger, gathering her children to her breast as she knocks at a shelter door, praying they will have room for her tonight. I hear of children crying out for fear they will be left alone this Christmas. Of children calling out for someone to come and ease their pain and fear.

I hear of disease tearing lives apart, of drugs ripping into the hearts of families. Of intolerance pulling apart communities and fear of the unknown polarizing towns, pulling down politicians and pushing up our fear of each other as we take up arms to protect ourselves from our neighbours.

I hear of these things and want to call out, Let us wait no more.

Let us bring peace into our lives today. Right now. Right here.

Let us still the raging heart that would have us hate our neighbours. Let us quiet the angry voices that would have us kill each other. Let us stop picking up arms of destruction.

Let us reach out with arms of love.

Let us know peace.

Let us wait no longer.

Let us embrace the message of this child. Let us open our hearts and minds to embrace his message of love, peace and joy. He brings it to all mankind. Not just me or you. But to all of us.

Let us love one another. Care for each other. Let us bring peace to our world. This one world. One planet. One humankind.

Let us do it. Now.

5 thoughts on “Let us do it. Now.”

  1. Out of the park homerun Louise. I am heartened and inspired by your words and hope the next chapters of human history life can reflect what you are saying right now. Right now. For Heaven’s sake.
    Thanks so much and love to you and your family that you have worked so hard to build. John


  2. There is so much sadness and evil and just not nice things happening in the world all I find I can do is live my life as good as I can and when the news comes on tune out if I am not in the mood to hear about bad and evil happenings in the world I know these thinks happen I just don’t have to always hear of them


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