What will your ripple be this Christmas Eve?

I cried for the world this morning. Gut-wrenching sobs erupted unexpectedly when I went in search of a Christmas song to post with my annual Christmas wishes and landed on John Lennon’s “Merry Xmans (War is Over)”.

And I cried.

I cried as I watched the images and saw the pain and horror we, the humans who are the custodians of this planet earth, unleash upon the very planet we have been entrusted with to care for and serve and protect.

We are not doing a good job of protecting one another and this earth upon which we walk.

I cried.

I cried for the politicians who wage war to make peace, declaring that their war is the only way to bring harmony to the lands they say they own, they deserve, they want because what they want is more important that the wants or needs or desires of another.

I cried for the generals who command the sons and daughters who become the warriors toting guns and weapons of mass destruction designed to create the greatest harm, the greatest terror on earth.

I cried for the mothers whose sons and daughters go off in search of glory and come home torn apart by war, if they come home at all.

I cried for the children who lay silently in the night fearing the next bullet, the next blast of cannon, the next bomb to fall from the sky will tear apart their world, their home, their lives, forever.

I cried for the men and women who work in the factories that make the guns and bombs and bullets that rip through flesh and walls and tear apart limbs and lives.

I cried for each and everyone of us on this planet because we are doing this do ourselves. We are killing one another. We are destroying our humanity with our insistence that our way is better than their way, that our truth needs to be heard louder than their voice, that our faith is more righteous than another’s.

We must protect ourselves from terrorists we assert. But who created the ground upon which terrorism festers? Who contributed to the space where terrorism became the common ground upon which we all stand united in our belief we must fight against it?


Can we not see? We are one humanity. We share the same air on this one earth that is home to each and every one of us.

This air I breathe this morning came from somewhere else in the world. Someone else’s breath first took it in and sent it back out to travel the world. Just as each exhale of my breath travels beyond the four walls of this room where I sit typing and looking out at the pristine landscape blanketed in the fresh snow that fell during the night. My breath will travel the world seeking freedom. Where will my breath find peace within me and around me?

Come spring, the snow outside my window will melt and become part of the water that encompasses our planet and covers 71 percent of our earth. It will become part of a river, of the vapor in the air, of a sea, an ocean somewhere in the world. Where will it find calm waters to rest in?

We all share in the water. We all share in planet earth.

We share in its joys. We share in its sorrows.

We share in its trials and its triumphs.

We share in its violence and intolerance. We share in its compassion and its peace.

We share one world. One planet. One breath. One earth.

When will we find the courage to lay down our arms of mass destruction and embrace one another in arms of compassion, tolerance, Love?

I cried this morning.

My tears have flown free. I feel more peaceful now. Less despairing. I know that I can only do my best in our world to create the peace I seek and build a foundation of Love with every breath I take.

It is Christmas Eve. In the silent night of my soul’s yearning for Peace on Earth for All Humankind I must remember that with every breath I take, with every word I speak, with every act I make, I create peace within me and all around me. I must remember, my ripple counts.

Every ripple counts.

What will your ripple be this Christmas Eve?



5 thoughts on “What will your ripple be this Christmas Eve?”

  1. ripples?

    Old Dutch Ripple Chips … with onion dip

    ripples of family and memories … so many ripples, so many chips, so much dip

    I’m cooking for family – no better way to share the season, then gift openings with my daughter and grandchildren

    I don’t deny your reasons for crying – just choosing instead, for today and for this evening, to focus on those things which make me cry, not out of sadness, but of gladness

    happy HO+HO+HO to you and yours

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like your choice Mark! me too.

      The tears this morning surprised me – so I wrote them out — and now, it is time for family gatherings and sharing and laughter and knowing — that in our shared experiences and tears of gladness for all we have and enjoy together we are contributing ripples of joy into the world.

      Merry Ho Ho Ho you ‘ole grinch! 🙂


  2. Oh Louise, I haven’t seen that music vid in a very long time. Watching it made me cry too. Why do we do this to our own? You are right though, if each of us creates a ripple of peace, the sum of our ripples can change the world. I love your heart! ❤
    Diana xo


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