Image by: Britney-Gill-Photography

 As many know, my eldest daughter is an exceptional writer and a fearless soul.  For a year plus she wrote daily at How I Survived Myself and recently (Jan 1) launched her new website Alexis Marie Ink.

While I am healing my neck I will only be posting once a week. I hope you join Alexis on her journey as she casts light on our human journey and condition.


11 thoughts on “AlexisMarieInk

  1. I love the resemblance to you Louise!
    I hope your neck keeps healing. In the spirit of new insights I often turn to the holistic approach that Louise Hay writes about. “When there are problems with the neck, it usually means we are being stubborn about our concept of a situation.”…. just saying ❀️

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    • Ahhh yes. Well…. as most people know me as quite stubborn– I would say there are several situations that fit the bill! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for that reminder Val — Alexis had just suggested I check out what Louise Hay says about a stiff neck! ❀ Time to open myself up to hearing what information the pain is offering me.

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