New Attitude

It’s back.


It was starting to loosen up, to feel less tight and stiff but after a long, stressful day at the office with too much computer time and too many meetings, my neck is once again stiff and sore.


Wh’aazz’up wid dat?

I’m not complaining (or whining, honest) but I am expressing my frustration so that I can get through to the other side of self-pity to get a new attitude!

I got plans! Know what I mean? And a stiff neck is interfering with my ability to achieve the goals I set for myself this week — like spend some time in the studio (hard to do when my neck won’t bend and turn easily). Get back to yoga — time to rethink that one. Start spending more time training Beaumont on the leash. Not going to happen right now. He still tugs and pulls, and even with the waist leash system, the constant strain is too much.

So… as my Auntie Maggie would say…. What to do? What to do?

I have a massage booked for 10am. Yes!

C.C. set up the traction device I am to use twice a day to see if I can relieve some of the pressure on my neck.

And, after getting the news earlier this week that one of the main sources of the discomfort is degenerative disks, I have forwarded the x-ray report to my doctor and will go see him about alternatives.

So, self-care. Check. 

What’s next on my list?

Right. Time in the studio.

I have a drafting table as a work surface. I can raise it to a greater angle so that my neck doesn’t need to bend as much. Oh. And I can set the timer on my phone to ring every fifteen minutes to remind me to stop and stretch and change position.   Check.  

Hmmm… walking Beaumont. Well, this will delight him I know. Instead of on leash, he gets to stay off leash!  Walking is good for both of us and off leash is his favourite!  I just won’t be throwing the ball but that’s okay, he just likes to be outside (me too) having fun. Check

And, as to yoga. Well, some simple gentle stretches will have to do and more deep-breathing and meditation, Check

Okay. So that’s not too bad.

Hmmm.. speaking of being outside. I think C.C. and I just might go invest in some snowshoes this weekend and head for the mountains for a day. The weather is stunningly beautiful and spending time outside is good for my soul, not to mention my body and head (neck included).

Okay. Got a plan and, a new attitude! Check 

I’m all set.

To celebrate, here’s one of my favourite Patti Labelle tunes to lighten up your Friday! Doesn’t it just make you want to leap up and dance? Go for it! I am!


12 thoughts on “New Attitude”

  1. Remember this one?
    I am baffled. You have so many readers following you. Why do you have more likes on my blog than yours? Too weird. Look how many likes this one generated here.
    I also love your attitude!
    I have been stuck in a dark place for a while. But am slowly making a come back. Almost like Pride, it cometh after a fall. LOL. In an entirely different way!

    Liked by 1 person

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