Brussels: I send you Love. Always.

I know it is not good news even before I see the contents of the posts.

Three posts pop up the minute I open my email. They each contain the same word. Brussels.

I read the headlines. I read the stories. I search for more. I want to make sense of this senselessness.

My heart sinks. There is no sense to terror.

I want to cry. To scream out. To yell at someone to STOP IT! Just STOP IT.

And I know it is of no use.

Terror does not hear the voice of reason.

Terror only hears the voices of fear. Of Anger. Of Terror.

34 dead thus far in the bombings in Brussels.

And my heart is heavy.

When will we stop? When will we learn? When will we begin again to travel freely in this world without fear of one another.

And I wonder, Was it ever that way?

Was there ever a time in humankind’s history that we did not resort to violence? That we did not kill one another?

Was there ever a time of peace?

I go in search of data to make sense of my unease.

It is sobering. Over 10,000 people killed this year in conflicts around the globe.

The data does not help me feel better about the state of our world. Of the 196 countries that make up our world Global Conflict Tracker lists 26 countries engaged in conflicts (that impact the U.S.) significant enough to cause concern about the stability of the region, the country, the people’s ability to feel safe within their own border.

Please note: Global Conflict Tracker lists the countries in order of significance to the interests of the U.S.

7 conflicts of ‘critical impact on U.S. Interests’.
10 of ‘Significant impact on U.S. Interests’.
9 of ‘Limited Impact on U.S. Interests’.

This morning, the battle spilt out from beyond the boundaries of rational thought into the streets of Brussels. Its impact can be felt around the world.

I do not know how to make ‘them’ stop. Who are the ‘them’?

And then I remember. They are we and we are them. We are one human condition. One planet. One world. It is not ‘them’ versus us. It is our world that is decimated by these bombs and conflicts. Our world that is torn apart.

The loss of the lives killed in this latest attack will be felt around the globe.

They are touching me now.

And my heart is heavy.

I do not have an answer. I do not have words to ease the pain of the families and loved ones and friends left behind to mourn this sudden and inexplicable death of those they love.

I have no words.

And so, I do the only thing I know that I can do to make a difference.

I turn my back on war. I turn my back on the bloodshed and the chaos, and deepen my commitment to walk this day in Love and Peace. To walk each moment with a soft heart, voice, mind.

I cannot change the course of the 26 conflicts listed on Global Conflict Tracker’s site.

I can only ensure that what I do today does not contribute to war, to conflict, to anger, to fear.

And so, I chose love over fear. Always.

I am sorry Brussels for your pain. I am sorry for the terror that has erupted in your city. Your hearts. Your minds.

I send you Love. Always.



13 thoughts on “Brussels: I send you Love. Always.”

  1. It is horrible to see this happening. It makes me so angry and so scared. I lived through this for so many years but why is it spreading? why didn’t it stop? It was unfair. I sometimes feel guilty for the many times I’ve said: it’s unfair. What is happening to us is not fair. I just wanted violence to stop. I never meant I want others to suffer the same things that I did.


  2. Statistically we look at numbers – big ones, often. Births, deaths, causes. They are, for nearly everyone, just numbers. Unless it is your house, your family or yourself. The words and weapons are new, the conflicts and behaviours are old – as old as civilization (if we dare call it that). The change of having peace in our lifetime is as dim as ever. John Lennon lifted us a while, as did Abraham, Martin and John. Are the forces of good and evil always equated with winners and losers, victims or perpetrators?

    It seems to me the only thing we can do, the only thing we’ve ever been able to do – is to live a good life and infect everyone we can with our own peace. It’s perhaps a poor weapon in this war, but it won’t hurt anyone – ever, and it likely won’t insulate anyone either.

    Sadly, probably the only people cheering today (and they will) are Donald Trump supporters who will use today’s event to bolster their position of “see, we told you to be afraid of everyone”, without spending a moment to appreciate the lives lost and the lives of their friends and family who have been irrevocably altered. It’s primitive and barbaric, it’s ancient. It’s everywhere..

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    1. Unfortunately, you are right Mark — it is those who want to sow seeds of fear who will use today’s events to further their own agenda. So very sad.

      thank you for your beautiful words. And your provocative question — Are the forces of good and evil always equated with winners and losers, victims or perpetrators? Hugs


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