Practice Deep Listening | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 9

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It doesn’t have to be a co-worker you take out for coffee. It could be a daughter or son, your cousin, neighbour, a friend, your spouse…

The question, “What are you passionate about?” is a direct line of communication to the heart. It speaks to purpose without asking “what is your purpose in life?” Which for some people can be a daunting question if they’ve never really stopped to think about their purpose in the world. Being asked the question,”What is your purpose in life?”, especially if we’ve never explored the question, can cause us to feel vulnerable, exposed. It leads us directly into our heads as we scramble to find the ‘right answer’. And, because we think there’s a right answer, it can ignite the fear we won’t get the answer right, or that we’ll be judged if our purpose isn’t clear, or ‘big’, or headline making.

But when we ask, “What are you passionate about?”, we are speaking heart-talk. We are saying, “I have a deep interest in knowing who you are and what you’re about.” In the open expanse of the question, people click into that space within where their heart beats freely and their mind knows what they’re talking about is not about getting the answer right, but rather about what calls to their heart.

People can be passionate about many things. Collecting stamps. Being a Big Brother or Big sister. Their family. Reading. Mountain Climbing. Volunteering at a hospice.

Asking them to share about their passion, and listening deeply, builds connection. It strengthens the bonds that unite us as human beings and as we listen deeply, gives the gift of being heard, seen, known and valued.


Ask a question and listen deeply.

You may be surprised by what happens next.

6 thoughts on “Practice Deep Listening | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 9

    • hello lovely Julie. you never have to apologize to me for not keeping up! You are always welcome here, whenever you visit — You have so much on your plate, I appreciate you taking the time to come and say hello.

      and yes, I hear you! I too have been guilty of not listening to my daughters — nice thing is, love has a special grace that reminds me that all I need to do to hear them is to…. listen deeply. Love to you dear Julie.

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  1. listening is easy – if we are open, but more importantly if THEY are open

    how does that happen?

    first, they have to be safe, feel safe, in what they are saying and who they are saying it to – which requires trust

    trust is easy with someone you know and like – a sort of emotional two-way street I think

    getting someone to talk, to open up, to feel safe requires a foundation – I think it does, which can be as easy to build as taking the first step of trusting them, opening up to them, sharing with them our deepest thoughts, fears, passions, desires … like rolling out a welcome mat

    two cents,


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    • Hmmm. interesting two cents Mark — my experience is people want to know you care about them first — and that comes through really listening deeply to them. In listening deeply, they feel your heart and your interest and your authentic presence. People like to talk about their passions and are willing to do that, especially if it’s about their pets, their work, their place in the sun. The joy is, when I listen deeply, trust grows.

      My two cents. 🙂


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