Always Give Way to Love.

always give way to Love copy

I was leery when we met. Wary of falling into anything, especially Love.

And then he smiled. That soft, gentle, I see into you smile he has that makes my heart feel as if it has wings. As if it has nothing to fear but my fear of falling.

It was impossible to resist that smile, though I tried.

And over the years, I have continued to fall deeper into that smile. Those eyes. That way he has of kissing the back of my neck as if to say there is nowhere else I’d rather be in this moment right now than softly touching the back of your neck with my lips.

I knew him on the periphery of my life for years before we became ‘we’. We have a mutual friend. We went to the same parties. Knew many of the same people.

Years before we would become ‘us’ I tried to pitch him on hiring my firm to provide investor relations consulting. He never did hire us. Doesn’t even remember the encounter.

I do. He wore a black cashmere sweater. Black pants. And he had that smile.

I didn’t see him for years after that. The first time I met him again, it was in the offices he shared with a friend who’d hired me to write their business plan.

I remember him showing me photos of his son and daughter. Playing me music his son had written. He would come over to the desk where I was working, kneel down beside me, slip a CD into the disc-drive of my laptop, and say, “Listen to this.”

It was the position he took when he asked me to marry him.

“Here. Listen to this.” His eyes said as he knelt beside me and handed me his heart.

It has a beautiful song, this heart of my man.

Kind, caring, loving. It beats steady. Strong. Fierce.

It protects. Gives shade. Gives breath. Give wings. Gives strength and hope and flows effortlessly into the possibility of always being more. Free. Connected. Caring. Loving.

Sometimes, I have not treated this heart well. Sometimes, in my fierce resistance to falling, I have pushed back against flight, desperately seeking solid ground.

And always Love has found me. His heart has held me as I have learned to trust his smile, his gentle ways, his loving eyes that see into the heart of me.

I am learning, Resistance is futile in matters of the heart.

Always give way to Love.

Love will show the way.


I am grateful. I am blessed. I am free-falling. Every day. Falling and flying free into Love, to Love, with Love.

And in flight, I find myself lifted up by this one man’s heart. Beating steady. Beating strong. Beating fiercely beneath my wings.

So is the way of Love.



This post was inspired by a memory post offered up by Facebook yesterday.

As I read Alexis’ memories of meeting her fiance, I was reminded once again of the power of Love’s ways.

Thank you to both my daughters and C.C. for being my guides and my teachers in the ways of Love.

10 thoughts on “Always Give Way to Love.”

  1. great little piece

    it seems like you are neither at the beginning or the end

    more like, the end of the beginning – a stage, a step

    now, set aside your personal attachment to those words – and put your editor/publisher hat on …

    – would you not agree, that’s a great opening page to the first chapter of a novel (or short story) that establishes the reader with perspective on two characters. They could be any age, in any country, at any point in time. Read them again, with a few changes of words around scene setting and activities – this could be set in ancient Greece, anywhere today, or on any space-craft in a sci-fi future. This could be ‘near the end’ of the story, but more likely somewhere near the middle. Then the writer can take the story forward, or back, or forward again or back again.


    P.S. I heard an interview on CBC yesterday – it was a replay of John Irving talking about his latest novel. Some of the techniques he talked about were fascinating and I think you’d enjoy it. In some ways his techniques sound like Vonnegut – but softer. And the way he talked about one of the characters, seeing the world as ‘he was at a certain age’ no matter how old he grew, and I thought of you and your strong attachment to events at one point in your life that grip you so tightly. I think the interview is archived on CBC’s website.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s funny you’d write that about an opening to a story Mark — after I’d written it and was getting ready to go to the office, a line entered my mind… “Sometimes, when he was away and she faced the night alone, she wore one of his-t-shirts to bed in the hopes it would ease the silence of his absence…”

      there is something a-stirring.

      thank you my friend — I have been super busy (lol what’s new) and did get your message — I’ll call before the weekend.


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