What dreams do you claim?

Dream in colour copy


I have known the fear of dreaming. Danced a deadly two-step with fear shadowing the exquisite beauty of the things that shimmer at the edges of my imagination calling my heart to run wild and free.

I am learning to dance fearlessly to the beat of my heart’s calling. Learning to give into the sway of my dreams’ enchanting voice calling me to run breathlessly, arms wide open, into freedom.

It is a divine dance. A soul-filled tango of love and adventure and courage rising up to carry me beyond my fear into that place where I am vividly alive, breathing deeply of the pure sweet air of life unfolding beyond the limits of my imagination.

In this dance, I am the hero, the architect, the director of every leap taken, every note sung, every word written, every brushstroke cast upon the canvas of my life. I am the dancer, the singer, the poet, the artist creating a tapestry of life that mirrors the wild, chaotic beauty of my dreams.

In this dance, beauty explodes like a flower opening to the warmth of the sun beaming down after the rain has fallen. I dig into my roots and unearth the glorious richness of the seeds I have planted with my creations.

In this dance my dreams come true, limits vanish, fear disappears beneath the sheer joy of breathing freely in the wonder and awe of every moment bursting open in living colour.

In this dance, my life is a song of joy, a dance of ecstasy, a poem of Love, a tapestry of my creative expressions.

In this dance, I am wild and free, living my dreams with abandon.

I claim this dream, this dance of joy, as mine.

What dreams do you claim?



6 thoughts on “What dreams do you claim?”

  1. seems like a piece about dreaming – not ‘of your dreams’

    don’t talk, dream!

    we get the concept of dreaming – but if you open up about what you are dreaming now, what you dreamed (or drempt!) last night – tell me that, let me have a taste of that … or, skip the dream – go directly to DO, do not pass GO, do not collect $200 .. just DO

    you GO …. I mean DO … or just dream about it


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