Where is truth?

When I read this Zen Flash this morning, it made me smile. Out loud.

So simple.

All the truth I need to live my life today is here, right now.

Whatever is here, right now, is the truth. And if I don’t like it, what are my options? What do I plan on doing about it? Because as my father was fond of saying when I was a child, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

Truth is, in this moment right now, I am right here, feeling, doing, being, however, whatever I am.

Truth is, right here, right now, is all the truth I have to work with. How I respond to, what I do with what is here right now is what makes the difference in how I live my truth, how I turn up in my truth, how I am accountable with my truth. And, how my truth becomes me.

I can avoid, pretend, ignore.

Or, I can accept, allow, create.

My choice.

My truth.

My life.


13 thoughts on “Where is truth?

  1. sort of defines ‘self-contained’

    we are fully equipped, have all our parts … and we don’t leak – we’re waterproof too

    just because we don’t understand a brain very well – what you point out is a great reminder that the answers are all IN THERE. We can wander the earth looking for them … and the scenery will be interesting, but we really don’t have to leave home do we?

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  2. “I can avoid, pretend, ignore. Or I can accept, allow, create.”
    Potent words, those. Simple and profound. It’s such a moment by moment choice, isn’t it.
    Thank you for this timely share. I so appreciate your voice:)

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    • We tend to made things so complicated don’t we Jennifer? And in the process forget how simple and natural it can be to make the choice, moment by moment.

      I so appreciate you and your beautiful light my friend. ❤


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