In the light of awesome

the light of awesome copy

In the light of awesome, we are all magnificent. Shining brightly. Shining. Lights. Of love. Of hope. Of joy. Of possibility.

In the light of awesome I find myself shining as bright as I can, as bright as I am in this moment right now.

No negative thoughts sneak their way into my mind.

No put downs find space to shadow my belief that just like you, I am a gift of humanity, doing my best to be my best so that all the world around me can experience my awesome, not my mediocrity.

In the light of awesome I feel my heart beat wild and free. Fierce and strong. Steady and wise.

I feel my body standing tall, not fearing I am too short, too old, too young, too thin, too wide, too worn out or too insignificant to make a difference.

In the light of awesome I know, I am the greatest gift I can be in this hurting, wounded world when I let go of feeling helpless. I am my best when I give into the urgings of my heart to shine bright, shine on, shine fully for all the world to see, there is a way out of the darkness and the way is found when each of us takes responsibility for shining our brightest so all the world can see the birthright we are born to be is AWESOME. MAGNIFICENT.

In the light of awesome I am, MAGNIFICENT!

In the light of awesome you are, MAGNIFICENT!

It is who we are. Who we are born to be. Born as. Born into. Born to remember. Our Being MAGNIFICENT.

Claim your magnificence today and let go of connecting through mediocrity. Let go of playing small. Playing anything other than, your MAGNIFICENCE.


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