You are born to shine. Dare.

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We are each of us born with unlimited potential to shine bright. We are each born into the of possibility of our life enriching the world just because we are alive. And, we are each of us made of stardust born to be a light for all the world to see in the dark.


Yet we sit, and wait, and lurk behind limiting beliefs, hoping someone might see us cowering over there, in the corner, waiting for someone to turn on the lights.

No one can turn on your light.

You have the power. You have the heart. You have the soul to create a light so bright in your life, there is no darkness deep enough to drown it out.

And all you have to do to start shining is believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in your right to live out loud.

Sure it can be scary. It can be downright terrifying to step out from behind the curtain of your uncertainties to claim your place at centre stage of your own life. But risking is better than living inside a numbed out, nullifying shell of a life that’s been left on the shelf, gathering dust behind the cracker jack box that’s already out of date.

Risking it is better than living with the weight of believing you do not deserve to shine.

Risking it is more life-giving than staying stuck in the dark.

You will never find the edges of the darkness around you if you do not step through it.

What if to find your light you just need to start stepping through the dark?

What if your light is that tiny spark of hope that flickered, for just a moment, when you held onto the possibility of light at the edge of the dark?

What if?

7 thoughts on “You are born to shine. Dare.”

  1. hmm … reminds me of the Anaiis Nin quote about the rosebud

    and about Emily Dickensen writing in and of her solitude …

    yes, we can all shine

    and some people do their best work in dark, some in silence, some in obscurity or in the shadow of something or someone bigger

    some people blossom

    some stay tight in the bud

    aren’t all these someone’s entitled to their own view of what form their brilliance might take

    or to choose not to shine at all – ever, anywhere

    and how do we best encourage someone to cross that dotted line?

    – by illuminating the line?
    – by pointing/dragging/pushing them toward the line?
    – or by gently reminding them they get to decide where their own line is?



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