Make room for possibility | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 24

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I was part of a Garage Sale this weekend. Myself and 3 other women joined forces to create an opportunity for others to find value in the things we no longer needed or wanted.

Day 1 was fun (long and tiring and I did completely forget about a dinner engagement C.C. and I had that evening which was not a good thing!) We got rained on for a bit but by afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds and we promised those who dropped by to visit that we had lots of free things to give away, especially laughter.

Day 2 was cold, cloudy and while it was great to chat and laugh with my lady friends, standing there waiting and hoping for people to drop by was not as much enjoyable as the day before — NOTE TO SELF:  when doing a garage sale, do it one day only.

One of my co-conspirators and I had some of our art for sale. As I told one person who commented they liked the inclusion of art in our event, “I had no choice. My studio walls are full as are pretty well all the walls in our house.”

Sometimes, the lack of space is a good inspiration for clearing out. And, as I only decided to be in the sale on Wednesday, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what I would, or would not be willing to let go of. I just had to decide and do it.

And in that decision, opportunity for creating space for possibility appeared.

As I walked around the house, pulling out things that were tucked away in closets or taking things off shelves that only served as dust magnets, I felt the rush of letting go wash over me. I am decluttering, clearing out things, I told myself, because I want to simplify my life, create order and calm by having less and doing more with what I have. It feels good.

What also felt good was at the end of the sale yesterday afternoon,loading up my car with all the things I hadn’t sold and taking them down to a local shelter. Dishes, candles, towels, kitchen gadgets, books and knick-knacks, all went to the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. Along with providing emergency services and shelter for people experiencing homelessness, they operate a furniture and household distribution centre for those exiting homelessness. When an individual or family have housing, they can go to the warehouse, pick out everything they need for their new home… for free.

It’s a win/win.

I didn’t have to bring the unsold items home.

Someone else won’t have to pay to furnish their home.

I like the balance in that equation.




4 thoughts on “Make room for possibility | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 24”

  1. ah … the cold damp garage sale

    tips from a veteran:
    – keys are ‘hours of operation’ and ‘the ad in the paper’
    – advertise ‘friday evening for early birds’ and anything in the copy your can truthfully say of: ‘books, furniture, cameras, records and electronics …. put those key words in your ad and you will get a ‘the garage sale hounds’ …
    – friday evening starting at 4:30, Saturday all day and Sunday morning work well; then, at Sunday noon, put everything unsold on the the driveway pad along with a sign saying ‘FREE STUFF’ .. then go out! … and come back to ‘very little to clean up’ and you won’t be cold or exhausted


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  2. Garage sales can be great if you have people turning up to check out what is on offer, sometimes you can have one and no one turns up and you sell bugga all which really sucks, I like to wander around a garage sale but Tim is usually not interested he says it is a waste of time and money

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    1. I’m not sure about the waste of time and money Joanne — I do like the ‘fun’ part of it — and it is kind of cool to wander through someone else’s stuff looking for your own treasures. 🙂 Hugs


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