A dinasoar village and other whimsy.

Alexis and I started the day with coffee and a walk to Stanley Park. The skies were molten grey and heavy with cloud but nothing could diminish the brightness of our smiles and the lightness of our hearts as we chatted and laughed and walked. At Second Beach, racers were just finishing off a Sprnt Triathalon. We sat on a log and watched the Lifeguards get ready for the second wave of racers, sipped our coffees and enjoyed the crisp fresh morning air.

At one point, we came upon someone’s lovely contribution of a dinosaur village in the trees. I love the careful placement of the leaves and rocks and creative and whimsical the little doors, cracked egg shells and dinosaurs are. A lovely start to Wedding Week.

5 thoughts on “A dinasoar village and other whimsy.”

  1. I love dinosaur village! Did you ever see the house on the corner of Elbow Drive and 5th Street? Their property has lots of little scenes. Every time I walk by, I try to work up the courage to ask if I can take pictures there. Please pass on my congrats and good wishes to Alexi. Enjoy the wedding proud mama. ❤
    Diana xo


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