Create space for possibility | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 32


Recently I cleared out and decluttered the china cabinet. I now have a box of dishes waiting to be donated, tidy shelves where I can find what I’m looking for and no need to move everything else to get at one thing.

Now, to not fill it up again.

I am a lover (okay maybe hoarder) of dishes. I really, really like them. I love beautiful serving dishes. Dinner plates. Glasses. Cutlery and linens.

I love to set a beautiful table. To have sparkling glassing and colourful linens.

Which means, walking into my favourite household boutique when there’s a sale on is not a good idea.

Yesterday I learned that someone I really like and admire just took a part time job at one of my favourite stores. She wants to redecorate her home and the discount offered to employees is seductive.

What a great idea, I thought. I could do that.

And yes, I could, but then, I’d be feeding my habit, not helping myself to clear my being of its presence.

But oh, it is tempting.

It’s close to home. Fabulous products. Really beautiful and not cheap so good quality too. Yes. I could do it.

See how I can rationalize my dysfunction? See how I can talk myself out of what I know is healthy and loving for me into doing what is fun but not necessarily in my best interests?

Oh. And did I mention it would save me money?

Creating space for possibility means holding space open.

It means not filling it up with things that please my senses but do not fulfill my sensual need for soul-inspired living.

Acquiring more to fill up the space I live in does not give me more space for peace, love and joy to live within me.

Declutter the spaces you live in. Create space for possibility to grow wild in your life.


5 thoughts on “Create space for possibility | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 32

  1. If, each time we bring home a bag of something we throw out two bags … we’ll reduce our footprint. Or, just throw away a bag of things you don’t need – and one day, all you’ll have left are pretty dishes. Nuthin’ to it. Truth be told, we all don’t need very much to live, survive – or thrive. If you need dishes to thrive, good for you – the dish makers will do well. If you need other things, stock up on those. I find, and maybe it is the ‘aging thing’ that more and more I want to purge my excesses and stock up on things that make me most happy and contribute to thriving: people, relationships, ideas, projects worth doing … and so far I’ve not found I need to de-clutter quite as much. Have a great week – accumulate nice things!

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    • Thank you Mark for the beautiful comment — Love this — “I find … I want to … stock up on things that make me most happy and contribute to thriving: people, relationships, ideas, projects worth doing …”


  2. The problem with cluttering your lives up with the stuff you love is not that you are not well organised. It’s that you are feeding your hunger in the worst way possible. I mean if you love dishes, fill your cabinets with them but donate them time and time again to someone who needs them. For the contentment you get from the gift of charity is far more satisfying than the hunger that’s fed in the wrong way. One moment you want something, and once you’ve acquired it the very next moment you realise, you’re used to it may even be the case that you don’t want it anymore.

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