Accidents Happen

I am typing this post without the use of the middle and fourth finger on my right hand. I am hunting and pecking, and it’s slow.

I closed the big sliding garage door on the fingertips of my right hand yesterday.

It was an accident and after I screamed and pried the door apart to release  my fingers the first thought in my mind, after “OUCH THAT HURT!” was, “I can’t believe I did that.”

But I had. Done that.

The transformer outside our house on the pole in the lane surged on Saturday. Fried our microwave, the power surge bar to my computer, and the electric motor to the garage door.

Hence why I was opening and closing it manually.

I debated going inside the house again to immediately put ice on it, but had a meeting to get to and drove off instead.

Only to discover, I had a flat tire.


I laughed. Couldn’t believe that either, but it was true.

And so, this post is short. There may not be a lot of posts the rest of the week either.

My fingertips need time to heal.

The moral of the story…

When power surges, pay attention. Don’t take shortcuts. Electricity can be dangerous. So can garage doors.

I could have gone back into the garage and used the handle to pull it down and then left via the person door. That’s how I’d opened the garage in the first place. Trying to do it the ‘faster’ way only created bigger pain.

As to the flat tire?



12 thoughts on “Accidents Happen

  1. I didn’t have a car, then I met a man without a garage; I didn’t have a garage, then I met a woman with a garage door; I didn’t have a garage door, then I met a woman with five intact fingers …. oh my it’s a dangerous world!

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  2. Ouch, Louise! I wanted to let you know that my first day driving after my open heart surgery, I got a flat tire. Then I had a big fight with my boyfriend Michael. Then everything got better. And this is the first time I’m sharing all this on WordPress, with you! I love sharing things with you, Louise. ❤

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    • Oh dear Ann — so glad you’re driving again — sorry to hear about tire and fight. I walked back into the house crying and told Charles “I smashed my fingers in the garage door, my tires flat and I’m taking your car.”

      Fortunately, he hugged me and gave me his car keys — he went back to bed and I went to work. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Dear Louise, may the light of healing and love shine brightly on your fingertips and surround you now. Thank you for the gift you are in the world…I am grateful.


  4. Well you’re certainly taking it well Louise. I think I may have said the eff word. Hope you heal quickly, makes me cringe to think how that must have felt and then the tire ta boot! ❤
    Diana xo


  5. Awww! So sorry you got hurt, Louise!! I love how you broke it down for us and that you have taken it all in stride. I have had a few days in a row where everything I try to accomplish had a monkey wrench thrown into it. Love the “Really?” I have uttered the same thing lately. Guess it’s time for more reflection. Sending healing hugs ♡


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