A chant for Peace

It’s still there.

The conversations. The disbelief. The fear. The uncertainty.

Dang. I thought by breathing into it that it would all just go away or at least settle down into a quiet little burble.

But it keeps frothing up, calling out to be acknowledged, asking to be heard.

Uncertainty does that.

It’s the thing about life, at any time. We want to know the future is certain. We want to know it is predictable.

To a certain degree we can. Feel confident in its certain appearance. Feel certain in its predictability.

Yet, when massive upheavals like Nov 8th’s election result appear, the future feels less known, less certain, less predictable.

And fear rises.

To offset fear, I must always choose to breathe into the moment. Always accept that what is, truly is, instead of giving into my disbelief that it could be so!

And so, I breathe. And share in my wise friend Leigh’s loving-kindness meditation. It is a prayer for peace to begin within me and within everyone around me — those I fear and those I love. They are all the same. Deserving of prayer. Deserving of loving-kindness – no matter my judgments, fears or apprehensions, prayers for peace are my road to peace within and all around me.

Leigh’s Loving-Kindness meditation

Chant for the first 10 minutes for yourself:

  • I am filled with lovingkindness
  • I am well
  • I am peaceful and at ease
  • I am happy

Chant for 10 minutes for ________________ (in this case Trump)  

(As Leigh explains it:  I began it as an affirmation, the way I said it for myself.  Something in me instantly began to fight and I started crying again.  I realized I needed to chant it to the more prayerful form in which it is usually spoken… I could feel my heart expand and I realized saying the chant for someone, while it may or may not also help that person, is something to do for your own peace, to clear your own heart.)

  • May (fill in name Trump)  be filled with lovingkindness
  • May  he be well
  • May he be peaceful and at ease
  • May he be happy

Finish with 10 minutes of chanting for _________________ (in this case Leigh chanted for America — for me it was our leaders).

  • May America be filled with lovingkindness
  • May she be well
  • May she be peaceful and at ease
  • May she be happy

Repeat often throughout the day. Keep repeating. Keeping settling into the prayer to allow grace to enter and let fear and uncertainty go.

10 thoughts on “A chant for Peace

  1. We will survive and thrive – and so will many of our American friends. If we make a bad purchase we can return it to the store, throw it in the trash or re-gift it … but our neighbours need to choose the option of ‘living with their choice’. Either they chose it or ‘didn’t work hard enough for the other side’ – either way, they will stew in their own juices a while and decide whether or not they want excellence in a leader, and whether or not they want to reform and improve their system. That will be hard because they’ve just sold-out to a developer whose m.o. is to subdivide and sell of the pieces, keeping the view property and gems for himself. They won’t revolt in the streets. It will take about 6-9 months and they’ll get busy – they’ll target the mid-term elections and take back the Senate and the House as a first step to handcuff Trump, then another two years to mount a great candidacy to throw the buggar out – so when I’m feeling troubled, I’ll meditate on that!

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  2. I have come to the conclusion that all the worry will not change anything. The people who chose to be mean, on both sides of this issue are not helping anything. The man got voted in, the Hilary lovers are being cruel to some people, and that is not what this country needs right now. It is what it is. I chose to be kind, and make a difference in any small way that I can. If everyone did the same, we can over rule the bad.

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