Bewitched but not bewildered

The sign as we enter the town of Huatulco reads, Welcome to Paradise.

Sitting in the living room of our suite at Villas Fa-Sol, listening to the sounds of the ocean washing up against the rocks below,  the birds cawing as they glide effortlessly in the air above, I know I am here, right now, in paradise.

I can feel my pulse slowing to the rhythm of the waves, my mind sliding into ease as effortlessly as the birds sliding across the vast blueness of the sky. The white gauzy curtains drift in and out the window with the ocean breeze and I find myself mesmerized by their graceful movements, treasuring this moment, right now.  It is all there is to experience. All there is to know.

One night and I find myself in love with this beautiful place on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

It is already hot. I feel the heat seeping into my bones, a welcome caress that washes away any last vestiges of winter’s chilly embrace.

It is green here. Lush. Palm trees march up the hillside, their spiney branches splayed out like giant dancers caught mid-leap as they cavorted across the stage to the beat of a Marharachi band.

After C.C.and I savoured a two hour siesta and washed away the grit of our travels, we joined our hosts Guillermo and Roscio, the delightfully warm and gracious owners of Villas Fa-Sol, and our friends Ursula and Andrew who are visiting them from Calgary, for dinner in the town. Che offers up an authentic Argentinian BBQ experience complete with a huge fire pit sending streams of smoke and flames into the air, permeating our senses with rich aromas of roasting meats and cheeses.

Late into the night, we sat around a large wooden table on the verandah that edged up against the street where passersby strolled and threw greetings to friends enjoying BBQ at other tables. We shared stories of our lives, our families, our travels and hopes and dreams and all the while, young children played in and around the tables and waiters darted amongst the guests catering to their every want. Above us, the obsidian sky stretched far into the night, its black essence alight with thousands of twinkling stars.

The air was warm and the night alive with laughter and song.

I am definitely in love. Bewitched but not bewildered by the magic of this place.

Paradise is never bewildering, it is always a delightful encounter with magic. It is always filled with the laughter of new friends and old, of good food and wine and song.

Paradise is never far away. It is always here. Right where I am.

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