Mexico bound! Bye Bye winter. Hello Sun


We are sitting in Terminal 3 at Toronto Airport. It is early morning and I am sleepy. We took The Red Eye out of Calgary just after midnight. We almost didn’t make it. C.C. Got a little confused about the date of our departure. We thought it was tonight!

Fortunately, we realized our mistake early enough in the day to get organized (mostly). Beaumont and Marley are lavishing in the attention of our friend Tamz who is staying at the house while we enjoy ten days in Huatuclo, Mexico.

Decidedly decadent vacation!

Fortunately our return flight is direct to Calgary — this overnight thingy is not at all a restful journey! But that’s okay. We can sleep on arrival and currently, C.C is stretched out over several seats attempting to catch some shut-eye as we Wait out the time  from our arrival at 6am to our departure at 9:30.

I’m glad we’re inside, headed to some warmth, because baby, it’s cold outside. Snowy, Blustery, Blizzardy. Flying in, the visibility was  low. It wasn’t until we were almost over the end of the runway getting ready to land that any lights appeared.

I am grateful for the technology that makes it possible to fly, and land, safely in such dire conditions. Our flight is still on time. Our spirits are bright and the forecast in Huatuclo is sun, sun and more sun. And hot.

What could be better than that?

I’m looking forward to the heat. The sun. The water. The  relaxation. And the chance to spend some chill time with my beloved.

Bye Bye winter.

Hello sun.

Bring it on!


9 thoughts on “Mexico bound! Bye Bye winter. Hello Sun

  1. ah .. yes, the lovely red-eye – I’ve done that trip many times – too bad you had to go so far east to go south??? In any case, any warm day in a warm place where you don’t drive from a heated box to a heated box in a heated box … is nice. Hasta luego …

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