The path to nowhere goes somewhere


Awhile ago, I spoke with a woman whose mother had recently passed away. “We are all part of the ocean of life,” she said in response to my question about her well-being. “Though my mother is gone, we’re still connected. The essential part of ourselves will always be connected, if not on this physical plane, then some other place.”

And I felt the ocean of humanity wash over me.

We are all connected.

We are all spirit. We are all human. We are all miraculous beings of life and light. Energy in its purest form.

In that deep realization is the possibility and the knowing that there is nothing to fear in this world. Not failure. Not success. Not falling. Not flying. Not life. Not death.

As FDR famously said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

In this life, it is fear that keeps us from loving one another, accepting one another, knowing one another, as we are, without wanting the other to be different. To be more the same like me, like you, like the way we want them, not the way they are.

It is fear of being rejected, displaced, embarrassed, and so much more that keeps us walking the paths we’ve always walked, fearing to change will bring upon some unknown catastrophe, or perhaps to change would be to admit, we didn’t fit the shoes we were walking in.

In my twenties I wrote a poem that still fits today.

I don’t always know
that what I do is
or even that it’s
I can only wear the clothes
I know
fit me.

Yet, sometimes I’ll try
a dress too large
or a shoe too small.

And when I do
I take them off
and try
another size.

Sometimes, we walk a path only to discover it is not going where we thought, or perhaps it’s going nowhere. Yet, we stay the course because we can’t see another path, and tell ourselves, we can’t turn back.

I wonder what would happen if instead of looking for another path, we created our own?


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