Where do you meet yourself?


Show up copyThe art of creating is to give into your true self.

It requires letting go of conscious thought to give into the creative impulse and desire to express itself, however it appears.

It requires letting go of self-criticism to breathe into stillness, acceptance, feeling, discernment.

In the studio, in the process of allowing creativity to flow, I discover the beauty of being present, of being conscious and aware.

In the studio, I am not an artist. I am the creative expression of my true self. I am the muse’s conduit, her vehicle to bring into expression the gifts within me. The gifts of me.


I have been creating in the studio almost every day for the past two weeks.

As the #ShePersisted series continues to express itself, I find my voice coming through her expression.

It is a fascinating juxtaposition.

I am challenged by something that happened thousands of miles away. By a phrase uttered by a man at a podium that I feel shaking my feminine essence, my human experience.

Through my reaction, I am compelled to take action to find what it is I know to be true for me. In the act of creating, I meet myself.

In the studio, my manifesto becomes:

I am the artist. I am the conduit for the artist to reveal herself.

I am the creator of art. I am the vehicle for the art to reveal itself so that I can see myself.

I am the one present. I am the one through whom the gift of artistic expression flows, bringing me present to myself.

I am at the heart of me standing in front of the easel. I am the one with the easel bringing me ever closer to my heart.

It is what the creative process keeps teaching me again and again. There is nothing to fear in front of the easel. Because in front of the easel is where I meet myself, again and again.


8 thoughts on “Where do you meet yourself?

  1. Love this post. That phrase “still she persisted” must swirl in the heart and soul of every woman. Perhaps those three little words will be the awakening, the catalyst for the fierce female courage to bond into true global equality. Perhaps.

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