Mistakes happen.

I worked in the studio yesterday.

I stood in front of the easel, pondered the blank space in front of me, and took a risk.

youre-always-going-miss-your-chance-if-you-never-take-a-risk-quote-1A search of google for quote on ‘risk-taking’ brings ups some gems.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know (Unknown)

Thinking, ‘here goes nothing’ could be the start of something.  — Drew Wagner

You’re always going to miss your chance if you never take a risk.  (Unknown)

I particularly like the last one, not because it’s more profound but rather, because in the picture of it I found, there was a typo — and I love other people’s typos. Makes me feel less conspicuous with my own.

The fact, the provider of that quote hasn’t fixed it could say many things — it’s all in my interpretation.

a) They haven’t noticed it.

b) No one has pointed it out.

c) Fixing it isn’t important to them.

d) It’s a test of my capacity to notice small details.

e) All or none of the above.

Which is really the point of this post.

Last night, there was a big mistake at the Academy Awards. Those involved handled it with incredible grace. The Academy, in front of hundreds of million viewers, corrected the mistake. Warren Beatty clarified what had happened, even as others stood around with confused expressions on their faces.

In the end, the real winners came up and the not real winners handed over the prize and the world kept turning.

And then, Cyberspace went crazy.


It was a mistake.

Mistakes happen.

The true measure of our mistakes is in how quickly we fix them, or not.

And last night, The Academy fixed their mistake, in the moment.

I make mistakes all the time. They are not the measure of my worth — unless I repeat the same mistake over and over again. Then it’s no longer a mistake. It’s a habit. A poor execution. A negative space I inhabit.

For the Academy, this is the first time I remember a mistake like that happening. Pretty good recovery if you ask me. A pretty good measurement of the integrity and honesty of the organization.

And, to me, it’s a pretty good reflection of the true grit and courage of the American people.

Honest. Forthright. Willing to take on big tasks and be humble in their execution.

Yes, there are issues. But the American people are bigger than the issues. Always have been.

I have faith in their ability to take action with caution and care and consideration for all.




12 thoughts on “Mistakes happen.

  1. I have a poster [with a photo of a basketball hoop] above my desk with this caption: OPPORTUNITY, you’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

    And, when we take shots, we hit some. The more we shoot, the more we score. The more we do, the more we accomplish. The move we love, the better we feel.

    Keep shooting, score when you can, but don’t stop shooting …

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