Want to create peace? Practice better.

In a conversation recently, someone said their passion is to end war.

Mine is to create peace.

We are not in opposition. We just see our passion through a different lens. A lens that works for both of us and for the world. A lens that allows the ‘end game’ to be a world where war does not call us to pick up arms of destruction but instead, to hold our arms out wide to one another so we can embrace one another in peace.

A world where the fear of war does not create terror in the heart of every human being because creating peace is the goal of every government and citizen.

“The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better. Oppositional energy only creates more of the same.” — Richard Rohr

I am opposed to war. Terror. Guns. Using violence as a means to gain power, control, dominance over another. But I do not fight against it.  To create change, I practice creating space for all the world to change its mind about war by seeing the possibility of peace as the alternative path.

Which means, I am also opposed to accepting that there is no way to create or practice better in this world.

There is always a way to practice better in the world.

We are human beings. Genetically designed to continually evolve, change, shift, create. If we weren’t, how would 7 billion different persons with unique DNA exist on this planet earth?

We are wired for change. No matter how hard we resist.

Take for example, life. Life is a process of aging. And aging is all about change.

The challenge is, we often struggle to hold onto and protect the past and fight against falling in love with the possibilities of different, new, better ways of being present on this earth.

Look at the cosmetics industry. It is built on the belief that we can reverse the aging process. It fosters the belief that aging is bad.

I can’t think of a better way to go through life than to age with grace. To be at peace with the aging process by being willing to fall in love with the continuous changes within me that have been happening since the moment I was conceived.

To age with grace is to keep my mind and heart open. To be conscious of my ever-growing capacity to be present in this world with all my senses keenly attuned to my spiritual, emotional and mental state of being.

And when I become more conscious of my capacity to be present in this world in new and better ways, when I let go of old ways of ‘getting my way’ through manipulation, coercion, bullying, victimhood by stepping into my full human capacity to create love, peace, joy, harmony, I create a world of change all around me.

In that sea of change, anything is possible. Including peace.




4 thoughts on “Want to create peace? Practice better.

  1. Lovely. I remember a movie called The Cup, about a young Buddhist monk who wanted to see the World Cup soccer match – sweet film. In the movie, one of the older monks teaches a class about peace. He asks the students how they could make the world soft, and someone suggests they can cover it in soft leather, but they conclude that this is not possible. So he asks what they can do instead. The answer? Wear soft leather on their feet, to make the world soft wherever they walk.

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    • Thank you Cara Lee — what a beautiful story — I love the visual resonance of the idea of ‘making the world soft’. Whenever I feel angry, critical etc. of another, I like to remind myself to ‘soften my heart.’ The idea of wearing soft leather on their feet is so empowering — we cannot change the whole world, but do our part to make the world around us soft — lovely! ❤


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