The best laid plans…

I had a great plan.

  1. Get back into the studio in the evenings. (I haven’t been in the studio throwing paint for a few weeks now. Busy-ness. New Job. Several events. Summer-like evenings and all that jazz kept getting in my way.)
  2. Wake up earlier (5am) to be able to meditate half an hour every morning followed by half an hour of yoga.
  3. Go to bed earlier. Lights out by 10:30.
  4. Check my diet. Ensure it is laden with nutrients and healthy foods.
  5. Walk an hour a day.


And, like many best laid plans, life got in the way.

Well, a cold actually.

I have managed to fulfill on Step 3 — Go to bed earlier. Sleep is about all that has been calling to me this past week and weekend. Sleep and more sleep. In fact, Saturday, which was a perfect summer day in the studio because of the rain, I did not get out of bed all day.

That’s the thing about ‘plans’.

You gotta be flexible. Adaptable. Kind.

Flexible enough to adapt your plan to unforeseen circumstances. A cold was not on my agenda, but, working back at a frontline homeless-serving agency it is in some ways inevitable. New venue. New germs. And as this is a child and family centered agency, there are always lots of germs floating around.

Years ago, when I started working at an adult shelter, even though I’m not frontline staff, I got a cold every month for a year. After that, my immune system had strengthened itself enough, I didn’t get another cold for the next five years I worked there.


I figure this may be part of my modus operendi. Condition my immune system with variable germs until its strong enough to defend itself.

At least, that’s the plan.

But then, you know what happens to the best laid plans…

We either adapt to present conditions or the plan falls apart.

In the case of a plan that doesn’t follow my script, there’s only one thing I can do, be kind to myself by treating myself with tender loving care, and when conditions improve, give myself the grace to …

Begin again.



Always begin again.

I am on the mend. The bloom is off my cold as its love affair with my immune system wanes. There are clear nasal passages and fewer coughs on the horizon.

All is good. My plan for now is to treat myself with tender loving care, allowing myself the grace to not appear anywhere at 5am except my bed. And if getting up whenever I get up does not allow enough time to appear here on the page, I’m okay with that too. It’s all in the plan.



9 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. try ‘getting ready for bed’ at 7:45, turn off lights and screens and devices …. some camoumile tea, read a bit, sleep … get 8 hours, get 9 … and you’ll be amazed how much more productive and happy your days become

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  2. Ahhh darn. Feel better!
    I was on my way home with my in laws and my hubby in his 2015 F150. Coming home from a Memorial for his aunt. All packed up when it just went out of gear on the freeway. To make a long story short, after 5 days away, at the best, we are two days stuck. Best laid plans. Praying for a fast fix for our truck and a fast healing for your cold!

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  3. For writers Hemingway advised, “write every day.” It is reported that he started each day by rolling a blank sheet of paper into the typewriter and waiting for inspiration. I don’t know how that would work when dealing with an ongoing project, but what the hey?

    For painting you might try this as an inspiration stoking tool; Keep a junk canvas in your studio and daub, throw or slash random color onto it then sit back, look into it, think about your actual work in progress and see what feelings are invoked.

    Who can tell, over time the “junk” canvas just might become your masterpiece of existential abstract impressionism.

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    • great comment; I think the ‘roll of paper’ thing was Jack Kerouac ….

      and I like that ‘junk canvas’ thought …. and expect it applies to writing as well, or music (freestyle-jazz) … and many other things

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  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I know you didn’t ask for suggestions but I thought I’d mention that when I was substitute teaching in elementary schools a few years back I took Airborne a couple of times a week and the preventive dose of ganmaoling (3, 3x/day for 3 days) every two or three months and it really helped me sidestep the constant flus and colds going around. I tend to catch everything so catching nothing was a major coup! [Amazon has ganmaoling but if there are any chinese markets or chinese herbal shops in your area it’s usually much less expensive]

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  5. Dear Louise, sending good wishes for comfort and full recovery to your strong immune system. I found that I grew a cold three times consecutively between winter and spring… (very unusual with a lot of coughing involved) , resting and warm fluids required. May you be well. May you be peaceful. Love, Teresa

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