Letting Go

In the beginning, when I was born, I knew little.

As I grew, I learned.

Every day, I keep learning more about what I knew before. More of what I didn’t know I knew. And, if I’m really open, expansive and accepting, more of what I don’t know at all.

Like a trapeze artist suspended in that space between holding onto the trapeze which keeps her flying high and letting go to grab the next bar, my growth appears between the space of holding on to what I believe I know and letting go of believing I know the answers.

In that space between, I stretch, I expand, I seek, I grow. I flourish, I learn. I live.

When I resist, when I refuse to let go of what I believe I know about anything or everything, I rub up against the dissonance of being stuck in fear and ennui and lose my momentum until, the trapeze stops swinging and I hang suspended in my own inaction.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”
˜Shunryu Suzuki

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to an international arts and literary arts residency in Italy.

I was surprised. Grateful. A little scared and a whole lot of disbelieving.

This friend is an amazing artist. Why would she believe I’d be worthy of such an opportunity?

My ‘expert’s mind’, which thinks it knows everything there is to know about me and my limitations, (it likes to repeat them often so I don’t forget) knows little about my possibilities (because my expert mind tends to stay stuck in repeating everything it knows without letting go of its limitations to explore the vast unknown).

I am letting go of my expert’s mind to allow space for my beginner’s mind to swing into action.



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