The Big Yahoo!

Remember how the other day I wrote about not wanting to Yahoo! when a parade went by?

Well, I did it.

I Yahoo’d out loud. Loud and strong. In fact, I Yahoo’d so loud people in my office actually talked about how loud I was — and how surprised they were I could be so loud!

So there! Take that you critter of wanting me to conform to not making a scene. I made one and it didn’t matter. It didn’t make a giant hole appear in the fabric of the universe to suck me into the forever vortex of embarrassment and shame!

It was on Friday. One of my co-workers had read my post about not Yahoo’ing and she insisted we go outside and Yahoo at the regular Stampede morning parade going by.

She was persistent.

So I did.

I went outside and we Yahoo’d and people smiled and we laughed and waved and it was all just a whole lot of fun.

And then, on Saturday  morning, at the Inn from the Cold Stampede breakfast sponsored by the Kinsmen Club, another parade marched by and I Yahoo’d out loud all over again.

Which goes to prove, being a yahoo isn’t just about not having a clue or being a little slow on the uptake. It’s also about doing things just because you can; Just because there’s no reason not to — other than that annoying critter in your head who would have you believe Yahoo’ing is for losers.

Seriously though, it wasn’t all that big a stretch. Though I will admit, I did have to work up to it. I did have to tell myself to stop being so self-conscious and self-important and just let it go, give in, yell out.

And it was quite satisfying. To simply yell at the top of my lungs. Even made the folk in the parade smile!


Giving people a reason to smile is a great thing to do!

Giving people a reason to feel special is even better. And my co-worker who insisted I Yahoo out loud did just that.

Thanks JM!  You are special.

4 thoughts on “The Big Yahoo!

  1. congrats! … now that you’ve crossed to ‘the other side’ of that boundary, how does it look?

    I’m not suggesting you start dancing on tables in bars or writing outrageous things on blogs – but maybe there are ways you can express your views, advocate for change and ‘actually change the world’ using your freshly found facility for flapping, flashing and forewarning the world … point that new found bravado/skill for actually doing something that matters. Not to say that an exuberant Yahoo! wasn’t fun and encouraging to those in the parade – but yell art, yell for writing, yell for something – be the VERY NOISY dandelion you know you can be. We’ll all be on the sidelines, watching your parade – and we’ll yell YAHOO LOUISE!

    c’mon … now you know you can do it; think of that as the racehorse, and you are the jockey – and the jockey decides when to reign it in, when to let it run …

    let it run

    and run, and run …

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