Be like the river when it arrives at the ocean

As I look out my window this morning, I notice the leaves on the hedge on the west side of our yard are turning yellow.

Already it is past the mid-point of July.

Time moves even while I sit still.

I breathe in and imagine the world breathing with me. My breath on fire with the fires burning so fiercely to the west. The sky above is smoky grey. It smells of woodsmoke, of backyard fires.

This morning, I dedicate my thoughts to those who are fleeing the fires, to those who are fighting them and those supporting the evacuees and the fire fighters.

I am in the community and the community is in me.


Zen Flash

 “When you speak, allow the insight of our collective humanity to speak through you. When you walk, don’t walk for yourself alone; walk for your ancestors and your community. When you breathe, allow the larger world to breathe for you. When you’re angry, allow your anger to be released and to be embraced by the larger community. If you know how to do this for one day, you are already transformed. Be your community and let your community be you. This is true practice. Be like the river when it arrives at the ocean; be like the bees and birds that fly together. See yourself in the community and see the community in you. This is a process of transforming your way of seeing, and it will transform how, and how effectively, you communicate.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Communicating

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