3 Tips to Travel Lightly

3 Ways to unpack your worries every night:

  1. Write them down
    • Keep a notebook by your bed and every night before you sleep, write out your ‘troubles and worries’.  They don’t have to be a beautiful piece of prose. Just write them down.
  2. Meditate
    • If all you can manage is five minutes, take five minutes. But whatever you do, spend a few moments in silence. Breathe deeply. In. Out. In. Out. Let your mind slowly unwind. Let it empty itself of thoughts and simply be present in the silence of following your breath. In. Out. In. Out.
  3. Read something inspirational
    • Before you fall asleep, after you’ve done everything else you need to do, read something that inspires your dreams, your flights of fancy, your imagination, your heart. You don’t have to read for long, but whatever you do, spend the few last moments before sleep letting your mind rest in thoughts of possibility, dreams and dreaming.

And whatever you do, get the TV out of your bedroom! Do not let the news or some mindless chatter fill your last thoughts before sleep.

2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Travel Lightly

  1. I read an article about a year ago that suggested to turn the TV/cell phone/computer off at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. I do that. I need to add the few minutes of inspirational reading.

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