What is essential on your journey?

What is essential on your journey?

That new pair of shoes? Going to that new, hip restaurant? Finding the perfect chair to match the sofa?

Or, is it the people. The experiences. The things you learn, and forget or choose to leave behind?

What is essential on your journey?

This question arose from my sleep. From that place between dreaming and awakening where images and voices filter through the noise of the day to fill the silence of the night. In its arising, I am left wondering… what is essential on my journey?

It is a different question than “what do I believe in?”.

That one is easy for me to answer. I believe in love. In being kind. Honest. In building community. Connection. In creating space for peace. Joy. Harmony.

I believe in doing my best to create a better world around me, a world filled with harmony, joy, peace, beauty. A world where love is always the answer, even when I want to hate, or be angry, or act out.

Love is always the answer.

Which raises the question, “Is love essential on my journey?”.

Is love even a thing I can carry or is it a non-thing best left undone so it can weave its own magic?

Or is love an action I must do to create the more of it I want in my life? I know my friend Mark at  Musings and other writings will have an answer for that one because he always tells me love is a verb, not a noun.

But is it essential I carry love with me, or, does love carry me?

Is it essential I know the answer, or is it essential I trust in Love to be present, in all kinds of weather?

Lovely questions to explore and to let go of as I step into a day where I know love and caring, kindness and compassion will be present in all ways when I trust in their presence and let go of the nonessentials and focus on what is most important to me:

To touch hearts and open minds and set spirits free to dance in a world of harmony, joy and beauty.



I should also add that this post/quote was also inspired by the amazing Joyce Wycoff over at Soul of Art who wrote about implementation of practices she learned through a 21 day course on creative expression and Photoshop.




5 thoughts on “What is essential on your journey?

  1. yes, love is the verb word!

    thanks for the ‘mention’ …

    what is essential for our journey?, you ask, and that is a curious question …

    being aware – of ourselves, of others, of the environment – that seems essential; we are all, at every moment, either a student or a teacher. Hopefully we are paying attention in class! If we aren’t learning something we should be teaching something – and in the teaching, we are learning. Like Socrates and his questions. He wasn’t the only one teaching. And his students, they weren’t the only ones learning

    And, in LOVE, verb on …


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    • I like your list Mark — and for me that is essential, that each of us know what is on our list as each of us will have similar and different things on our list. And that’s what makes it so essential!

      Verb on!


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