Dear Mr. President

Dear President Trump:

I don’t often write to politicians, especially someone in another country, but I find your words and actions leave me feeling helpless, mystified, confused, and worried about the safety of the world, so I felt I must.

Being Canadian, I’ve always admired the United States, in particular, their Presidents. Our system doesn’t give such absolute power to one individual as your system does, so to me, your leaders have always seemed so much more powerful. And, because of that power, I’ve always believed them to be knowledgeable and informed on world events and conscious of the ripple effect of their words and actions.

And that’s why you confuse me. You’ve got power and wealth. You stand up and speak as if you’re informed and knowledgeable about a whole lot of things, not just what’s going on in the states but around the world too. That is the right and role of the leader of a nation as powerful as the US of A. But President Trump, you confuse me with your garbled facts, your incomplete sentences and what appear to be ill-formed opinions.

And that’s where I get worried.

What you say matters. It has impact. It can change the world.

My fear stems from the fact that I’m not sure you’re committed to creating a ripple in the world that changes it for the better for all people, regardless of race, creed, wealth or position.

Your words matter President Trump.  They are not only a reflection of you. They are a statement of the power and strength of the United States of America.

You words leave me feeling like my neighbour to the south is weak, spoiled, mis-informed and spiteful.

And that scares me.

The world needs the United States to be strong. To be fair. To be the arbiter of peace, tolerance, justice.

I’m losing my faith. I am struggling to adjust to what I see as the new world order.

I used to look up to the United States, like I looked up to my big brother. You were strong. Honest. Fair. Sure, you had your faults. But I believed you always had the world’s back.

My confidence in your strength is shaken. My faith in your righteousness rattled.

And I’m not so sure you’ve got anyone’s back.

Mr. President, I know being president must be a hard job. I know it must take a lot of time and energy, and a lot of courage to uphold the truth that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr. President, I know people have been hard on you. They’ve criticized you and even made fun of you. But Mr. President, we the people of the world need you to be bigger than that. We need you to rise above the criticism and be strong. We need you to let go of taking sides or painting sides or even talking about sides. We need you to speak up as the voice of one great nation defending the unalienable rights of all people to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s a big job Mr. President but it’s okay, we, the people of the world will have your back, as long as you turn up.


This is unusual for me to write something even remotely political. These are unusual times.

I welcome your comments. Please know I am not looking for a fight. I am not looking to take sides. These are my thoughts and I needed to write them out. This is my blog so if your comments use words that I deem to be based on hatred, racism, spite or anti-humankind, I will remove them.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President

  1. Easy to say “here – here” in support of your calm and strong letter. Given so much evidence that he is an ignorant buffoon on a scale seldom seen, I doubt he would validate the premise he has made any mistakes – because he is a legend in his own mind. The sad part is that his people, his party and his congress put him there and so far they have not had the courage to remove him from office. They should, they could – but likely won’t.

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  2. Good for you! A lot of us have written “a letter” to President Trump. I have mentally penned at least half a dozen. Makes me feel good but that is as far as I have gotten. However, as long as the citizenry is talking, discussing and opining on his various tweets, etc it is proof that someone cares enough to bring him to task in the open. Once dialogue ceases, that is when we need to take a serious look for someone will want to take action, and that action could prompt unforeseen results and they probably will be less that desirable, game-changers so to speak!

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  3. Dear Louise. I do appreciate your sincere efforts to try to communicate with an insane person but I’m afraid it is in vain. Your talking to a monster, a Hitler, a human being so beyond the pale of humanity it threatens our very existence. And there is a huge contingent of fellow monsters who like that he is insane because he talks their insanity. And we have a congress – a group of old white cowardly, greedy, corrupt so called “representatives” who aid and abet this monster to further their greed and corruption. Most Americans I know are looking to Canada to be the new leader of the world because of your compassion, intelligence and moral grounding. Thanks for being a great neighbor and thanks for trying.

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  4. You said what so many people think, and feel. Especially here in the US. I hope the rest of the world is not judging my country on the #@$& jerk that is in charge right now. I too fear for the world with this insane person with a finger on the button. I hope every single day that impeachment is right around the corner.

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    • I think the rest of the world, like me, knows so many Americans who are not of that ilk and thus, see you as the ‘common denominator’ and wish this was not the reality for your people right now. Hugs Mary.


  5. There is hope! Your thoughts and views are reflected by many (though not usually so tactful) and it looks like he is losing his support base. I spoke to a friend yesterday who is a senior vice president of a stock company – from the heart of Trump’s base- who said despite the great market returns, he didn’t think that Trump would make it to the end of the year, much less, his full term. Even his biographer has said that he’s gone too far.
    I am holding on to the hope that the American qualities that have made the country great, will save it in the end. When he sees that he is actually losing money – as some have canceled their event reservations at Maralago-, maybe he’ll declare himself victorious (in his own mind) and resign.
    Thanks for sharing your views with kindness and love.

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  6. Much respect for your letter. I wrote my own as well and mentioned some similar ideas. I’m so glad that people realize his actions have an effect on people EVERYWHERE and not just in the United States.


    • Thank you. I continue to feel confused by his responses and actions. As someone I admire said, “God loves him. I’m just not there. Yet.” I struggle with getting ‘there’. Good practice for me to keep seeking to see his humanity.

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