Fall. Fearless. Into. Love.

How many times a day do you say, “I’m too busy.” or, “I don’t have time.”, or “I’ll get back to you later.” (and then get too busy to get back to them later…?

I know I do.


I forget.

To take time to hear the quiet beating of my heart.

To listen to the soft gentle voice of my inner wisdom.

To hear my truth flowing through me like oxygen to my brain.

I forget.

I’m too busy.

Too involved.

Too immersed in ‘happenings’ and ‘doings’ to Be. Present. Here. Now.

In the quiet of the morning, before the emails start filling up my Inbox and the meetings start pushing minutes together to try to stretch beyond their capacity to hold time, I breathe into the quiet and listen to my heart.

There is time.

There is always time.

Just Stop.





Can you hear it?

That soft quiet voice within.

It’s whispering, “You’re okay. It’s okay. No need to rush about. Just flow smoothly into each moment passing into the next, do your best. Be patient. Be kind. Be present. It’s okay. Smile.”

Ah yes. Smile.

It not only lifts the face muscles. It lifts my mood. My sense of being ‘too busy’. It reminds me that whatever I think is so important, is not really all that important in the big picture of living this one wild and precious life fearlessly in Love.










Inspired by Richard Rohr’s Daily Post today, Knowing from the Whole, at Centre for Action and Contemplation.

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