Daily Intention: October 23 — There is no failure

I awoke at 3:45 with C.C. He had a 6:30am flight to LA and had to leave the house by 4:15.

After he left, I dosed off and on and finally fell back to sleep around my normal waking hour.

Ugh!  That means I awoke later than normal and have to write short. There’s one thing I can’t shorten though — Beaumont’s walk in the morning. Normally, C.C. does this one as well as a mid-day break for the pooch and I do the long walk after work at the big park. This week, I’ll be in charge of all of it, or at least until I catch my flight to Vancouver on Thursday afternoon.

C.C. organized his trip to return Thursday night, so Beaumont will be well cared for, but it will be a busy week.

And in all that busyness, I often make the mistake of not taking time for me.

My morning meditation time is vital. Five minutes is better than none, yet often, in my all or nothing thinking, I tell myself ‘well that’s not enough’, so I skip it entirely.

The mistake in skipping it entirely is that when I start my day without time in the quiet, my day is not as peaceful as it can be.

I am learning from my mistakes.

I gave myself the gift of five minutes of meditative silence even though I wanted more.

I gave myself 15 minutes to write here, even though my all or nothing thinking says I need way more.

It’s okay.

The gift is, there’s no failure in sleeping in when I breathe into whatever time I have and make each moment count and add value to my day.

What about you? Do you learn and grow through your mistakes?



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