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Beginnings and Endings. Endings and Beginnings.

Every beginning searches for its end and every ending seeks a new beginning.

This thought came to me this morning as I sat in the quiet.

Today, at noon, the sale of our Glamorgan house closes and the door across the threshold of what was our home for nine years closes.

The beginning of our new home has already begun as we’ve opened up the possibilities created when we tear down walls and ceilings and create a clean palette upon which to build.

And through it all, the circle of life continues unbroken.

Events. Places. Things. People. Memories. They come together in a continuous loop of possibility, hope, hellos and good-byes.

In their connectedness, we build our hopes and dreams into what can be when we let go of holding on and open the door to possibility in the belief, life is a journey. It’s best we take it in Love.

One door closes today.

There are many more opening even as others close. And always, through openings and closings, there is Love connecting us all in this journey of life.





Almost There

Are you getting tired of posts about moving yet?

I know I am!

When I wrote the title for my post this morning I smiled. A) I generally don’t start my posts knowing the title before I write; B) I wonder where ‘there’ is?

Almost there — where ever that is, means there is an end to ‘this move’. What it looks like, I don’t know. How will I know I’m there? I’ll figure it out when I get there!

In the process of being in it, I find myself reflecting on where I’m actually at versus where I want to get to — so I guess the ‘almost there’ is that place where I’m not making lists in my head of all the things I’ve yet to do and can focus on what I’m doing right now.

Almost there also means, being in that place where I can focus more on the renovations of our new home versus cleaning up our old one.

Tomorrow at noon, the old home will be ours no more. And, as Steve so beautifully stated in his comment on my post, Moving Days, “part of your home, deck and flowers will go with you and part of your essence will remain… and all is in the flow!”  Or, as John M called it in his comment on my post, Still Waiting – PHLOW

Power  (for me this means using our power wisely to create better in our world, to do no harm)

Be in the PHLOW now and forever.

I shall be in the PHLOW. I shall activate the power of my body, mind, heart and spirit to create PHLOW all around me. I shall, as Kate Blanchett suggests, “Look at the past but do not stare at it.” (Thanks Jackie!)

This morning, I am going to the old house to clear out the things the movers couldn’t put into storage — spray paint, aerosol cans and the cleaning materials. I don’t have to clean the house, fortunately we have cleaners coming in to do that (thank you Evelyn and crew), but I do have to gather up the debris and ensure there’s nothing for them to ‘work around’ as they give the house that ‘Welcome. I’m your new home’ look the new owners deserve.

And then.

It is done.

Almost there will be ‘all the way there.’

And that part of the journey will be closed.

And with every door that closes, a new door opens, a new threshold appears, a new space invites.

We are almost there.

I am grateful.

I am tired.

I am excited.

I am relieved.

I am blessed.

As Mark commented yesterday, there are so many in this world who do not have a home. Who do not have the tiredness of cleaning up one house to get ready for new owners as they renovate another for themselves to move into.

Today, as I count my many blessings I know that, no matter how much stuff I have, how many things I possess,  the greatest blessings of all don’t come wrapped up in ribbons and bows and boxes. They come through the heart of what connects us all, our humanity.

May I always be there, in that space where my heart sees your heart and is filled with gratitude for your presence in my life.

In that place, no matter where I am, almost there, getting there, resisting being there or already there, may your heart hear my heartfelt, “Thank-you. I am grateful we are on this journey together. No matter where we are in this world, may we always know in our hearts is always where we need to be to create a beautiful world of PHLOW, now and forever.”




Weary and Content: It’s all in the same space

You know that space where you mind feels like a soggy mash and your body like a weary, deflated blow-up Santa after the holidays?

That’s me today.

The move is underway. After a mis-start yesterday morning where I thought a 9am meant start began at our house when what it really meant was, at the yard picking up the truck and supplies at 9 and at our house at 10, 3 lovely people descended upon our belongings and proceeded to pack them up. Thank you Cory, Vanessa and Brett from Family Strong Moving — you take the pain out of moving.

As the packers wrapped, C.C. and I loaded up our cars to take what we think we’ll need for the next 6 weeks to our temporary abode at Olympic Village. More gratitude for Nusrat and Olympic Suites! You added comfort and ease into relocating temporarily while the renovations of our new home get completed. Beaumont agrees. He’s got a ravine to explore right outside our patio doors and ample windows out of which he can watch the world go by. Marley is undecided. Change does not come easily to a 10 year old cat who likes two things, comfort and food, and does not take kindly to either being in short supply.

It was a long day but I kept reminding myself, Breathe and Be. Focus on the moment. On the task at hand. On what needs to get done right now.

And, other than my mini-panic attack when I feared the movers were not coming, when I took time to breathe into the moment to remember, now is not forever, the day went smoothly.

But remember the soggy mind and weary body?

Lugging suitcases and plastic tubs up 2 flights of stairs into our rented accommodation will do that to you. Realizing all the things you did need but didn’t bring will do it too. And though I took the day off yesterday to be fully present to the task at hand, there were still phone calls and emails and decisions to be made and documents to proof — Christmas is the busiest time of year at a family homeless shelter. Along with all the daily activities, the generosity factor gets amped up 100 fold as Calgarians step up their already impressive philanthropic game to super-sonic speed. Couple that with the fact that last week we had our annual Open House and next week we have the opening of a 10 unit apartment building for families exiting homelessness — well, you can see what I mean by the soggy mind.

Work. Move. Renovations. All exciting and filled with possibility. All requiring some sort of mental acuity.

Which brings me here, to this page.

If my weariness is seeping into my words, it’s because I am weary — in a good way — but weary nonetheless. And I am content. All in the same space.

When I stop the mind chatter about my weariness and breathe into the moment, when I still my racing mind to be present to the stillness, my heartbeat slows, my body quiets as I settle into the contentment of being here, now. In that shimmering liminal space, I know, no matter how much there is to get done, no matter what is going on, with gratitude as my constant companion and acceptance of what is as my guidepost, I am safe in Love’s embrace.

Always and forever.



Moving Dayz

At 8:30 this morning a horde of packers will arrive to wrap and pack our house all up.

Okay, well maybe not a horde, but 3 for sure — and amidst that chaos, I shall remember to live within the calm. To not give into the angst and chaos. To not fall into the trap of believing, now is forever and if I don’t get it my way, right now, the world will come to a screeching, crashing, agonizing halt!

Whew! That feels better.

Calm now.

I shall continue on with my day — or rather, the next 3 days as once the packing is over, tomorrow the movers arrive to put it all in their truck and take it away to storage.

As selling this house happened way quicker than we anticipated, last night was our last night in this house. The lovely and loving home that has sheltered and nurtured us for the past 9 years.

I am grateful.

For this home. The memories we created. The good times we shared. The love that grew beneath its roof.

I am grateful.

And now, to breathe again and step back into the chaos of moving dayz!

See you on the other side!




There is no ‘lack’. There is only my limited thinking. (Daily Intention)

Truth — I am kind of feeling like time is lacking right now!

Yesterday, we sold our home. The conditions come off Friday and then I gotta get packing.

And I mean, packing.


The man who has bought it asked for a December 15th possession date. We weren’t expecting that!

We thought we would find a buyer who wanted to do some renovations and spend Christmas in their current abode. We were planning on an early Februrary  possession which meant we would live here while the new house is being renovated.

And then, life stepped up.

The owner-to-be wants to have his children in a home by Christmas. And he wants to do that in our home. Apparently, the selling feature for him was that when he walked in, he felt like he was ‘at home’ already. He loved the decor and the ‘feeling’ of our home.

We’re thrilled to sell it so quickly — and are looking at the early possession date as a gift. But man, there’s a lot to do in the next 11 days!

Yesterday, I organized a place for us to live with Beaumont for the next two months. We’ll move in there the 14th. It’s fully furnished and convenient. Talk about abundance!  I organized it all online and over the phone.

Marley will take up residence at the new house — it will be a great chance for him to acclimatize and while the renovation team will be there, he’ll have lots of company and be able to oversee them — Marley is an outdoor cat which is hard to accommodate with a move like this. We think if we get him to the new house, ensure he has a room of his own to settle into, then by the time we move in, he will be well-acquainted with the new digs and be able to go outside. Here’s hoping this is a good plan. I do have the amazing Tamz on stand-by to take him in if need be, but I’m hoping this plan works!

As to the packing and moving. There are two movers coming in to give us an estimate this week. And they both have availability for next week to come in, pack up our possessions, load them on a truck and move them into storage. Easy-peasy!

Such abundance of ease for a quick move!

Our cleaning lady is already scheduled to be here on the 14th so she’ll be able to do the big clean so the house is ready for its new owners at noon on the 15th.

Yup. Easy-peasy.

The universe is filled with abundance and ease. It’s only my thinking that likes to create drama around the lack of time, resources or common sense!

Drama is not my friend.

Breathing into the abundance all around me, I find my balance and accept with gratitude, all is well in my world.