Daily Intention: October 27 — Speak Kindly

He is smiling at me. His nose crinkled, eyes sparkling, toothy grin inviting.

He is 8 months old and is seated on his father’s lap beside me on the flight to Vancouver. It takes him about a nanosecond to capture my heart and the hearts of everyone around him.

“He’s going to win a lot of hearts,” his father proudly says to me as we chat about his son. “This is our test flight,” he says. “We’re visiting my brother in Vancouver and then, if the little one flies well, next year we’ll visit my wife’s brother on the east coast.”

I don’t think there’ll be an issue with flying. His son is enchanting and as cute and adorable as they come. He’s not bothered by changes in air pressure, the noise or being confined on his father’s lap.

“Looks like he’ll be gentle with every heart he captures,” I say as his son reaches over and gently touches the flower on my shirt.

“I’ll teach him how to be,” the father says.

I believe him.

Hearts are delicate spaces that need our tender loving care.

Let’s all be gentle with the hearts around us today. Let’s all take good care of one another and teach each other how to be kind, gentle and loving with our hearts.


Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash


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