Daily Intention: Oct 26 — Collective Brokenness

It can be hard and frightening some days to look at the collective brokenness in our world and tell yourself, “I can make a difference.”

The issues seem so large. So inexplicable. Vast.

And we appear or feel so small in their shadow.

We cannot give up hope. We cannot give into despair or the ennui of doing nothing.

Every little action counts. As Mother Teresa said,

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

And in every ripple there is the possibility of awakening another to the power they have to cast a stone too.

At Tales from the Backroad, photographer Mary Hone shares stunning photos of the Wild Horses she loves to visit and asks, What is the future of our wild horses? They are at risk, an endangered species because man wants their land, and the horses have no voice.

Take a moment to visit and see what Mary is doing as her part to create a healing ripple of change.


In Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation, he talks about the need for all of us to play our part in saving this beautiful planet. His Climate Change meditation is worth the read.

9 thoughts on “Daily Intention: Oct 26 — Collective Brokenness

  1. One must believe in one’s self-worth, and respect the knowledge that one cannot change the world. Those who are considered game-changers on the world stage were simply the facilitators who enabled like-minded individuals to gather, herd-like, to work together to affect change, albeit, not always for the common good. At our level as one individual, we can create that single ripple that will eventually morph into a wave that influences the greater good. Sometimes one does not recognize that they actually created the ripple. Recognition in being that ripple creator is not the goal, seeing the change for the common good is.

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    • Wow! What powerful and wise words Iwona. You gave me a great insight — it’s not about being a game changer but rather, about changing the game to be inclusive of all for the common good of all. Thank you! ❤


  2. Thank you. The depth of the dysfunction in this country is very disturbing and upsetting. Other voices help us keep resisting. I too am a great fan of Mary and her amazing photos of all things – especially horses. I try to help with emails to the BLM and donations to rescue organizations for Wild Horses. It just always seems like too little too late.

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    • It is in the strength and courage of voices like yours Elaine that we all feel inspired to stand up, speak truth and to not accept mediocrity, or worse. Thank you for all you do to create a better, kinder world. Hugs


    • So true Lorrie — it is in the realization that everything we do makes a difference, that we become conscious of the impact of everything we do. Everything is super my friend! I am in Vancouver visiting with my daughter and her husband — and their not yet born child 🙂 Pure love ❤


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