Daily Intention: Sweet Kiss of Awakening

I ran into a lovely woman I hadn’t seen in awhile. We stood in a +15 corridor and chatted briefly about life, work, play.

She commented that she reads my words everyday and is always impressed about how ‘together’ I am.

I laughed.

Here’s the secret.

I am always human. Like you, I have known hurt. Like you, I have experienced loss. I have questioned my right to be me, to say what I say, to do what I do. I have known moments of despair, insecurity, sadness.

I have known moments of great joy. Exhilarating success. Humbling events.

And sometimes, in my pain, my fear, my humanness, I express myself in ways that do not reflect the ‘more’ of what I want to create in the world. Sometimes, the ‘lesser’ me, overrides my higher good.

So I write.

I write to find my ‘togetherness’. I write to remind myself that all my imperfections can’t hold a candle to my magnificence when I stop listening to the chatter in my head that tells me to ‘play low’ and give myself to the passion of soaring high.

And I can’t find that space, I can’t awaken my ‘higher good’ to my magnificence without writing my way into the realization — those little things that irritate me… those negative thoughts that disrupt my daily flow… those critical and complaining words that bring me down… they’re just part of my journey.

They are not my life. They are not all of me.

All of me is found in this space where I risk being vulnerable so that I can see, no matter the story going on in my head, the bigger story is the one I create, every day, by living authentically through the expression of my higher vision for myself.

It is a daily journey, this living up to my higher good. Unlike a river flowing to the sea that has no thought of the water filling it up, I must flow consciously. I must make a conscious decision to continuously flow into the sea of acceptance and forgiveness. I must choose to fill my heart and my love bucket up with every breath, being accountable through everything I do and say for how I express myself in this world and leave my mark.

And when I slip or fall back… to lovingly remind myself to come back to the page and begin again.

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