How conscious are you? (My daily intention)

When you’re feeling angry, do you think about what you are sharing in your anger? Do you consciously choose how you share it?

So much of what we do as humans is unconscious. Studies by former professor of medicine at Stanford University, Dr Bruce Lipton and his team, suggest that the unconscious mind is running us on its automatic pilot mode, 95% of the time!*

Their studies also show that most of humanity runs on 1% of conscious thought…

So, sleep-walking through life on automatic is a real thing. I think.

Which brings me back to My Daily Intention.

When I consciously choose what I want to create in my day, I have a better chance of staying aware and connected to my desire to create better in my world.

And then…

Life happens…

And I forget all about being conscious and intentional and fall into rote responses to my environment and what’s happening around me.  In that place, the unconscious decisions I hold about me, and me in the world around me, take precedence over what I know to be true in my life today — I’m okay. I’m safe. I’m loveable and deserving of joy.

To be conscious, I must choose consciousness.

To be kind, I must choose kindness.

Today, my choice is all about being kind and loving so I share only the joy I experience in being alive!


*Source:  Your unconscious mind is running your life.  (When I read the title I thought it read — Your unconscious mind is ruining your life — Freudian slip or true?  🙂 )

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