There is no ‘lack’. There is only my limited thinking. (Daily Intention)

Truth — I am kind of feeling like time is lacking right now!

Yesterday, we sold our home. The conditions come off Friday and then I gotta get packing.

And I mean, packing.


The man who has bought it asked for a December 15th possession date. We weren’t expecting that!

We thought we would find a buyer who wanted to do some renovations and spend Christmas in their current abode. We were planning on an early Februrary  possession which meant we would live here while the new house is being renovated.

And then, life stepped up.

The owner-to-be wants to have his children in a home by Christmas. And he wants to do that in our home. Apparently, the selling feature for him was that when he walked in, he felt like he was ‘at home’ already. He loved the decor and the ‘feeling’ of our home.

We’re thrilled to sell it so quickly — and are looking at the early possession date as a gift. But man, there’s a lot to do in the next 11 days!

Yesterday, I organized a place for us to live with Beaumont for the next two months. We’ll move in there the 14th. It’s fully furnished and convenient. Talk about abundance!  I organized it all online and over the phone.

Marley will take up residence at the new house — it will be a great chance for him to acclimatize and while the renovation team will be there, he’ll have lots of company and be able to oversee them — Marley is an outdoor cat which is hard to accommodate with a move like this. We think if we get him to the new house, ensure he has a room of his own to settle into, then by the time we move in, he will be well-acquainted with the new digs and be able to go outside. Here’s hoping this is a good plan. I do have the amazing Tamz on stand-by to take him in if need be, but I’m hoping this plan works!

As to the packing and moving. There are two movers coming in to give us an estimate this week. And they both have availability for next week to come in, pack up our possessions, load them on a truck and move them into storage. Easy-peasy!

Such abundance of ease for a quick move!

Our cleaning lady is already scheduled to be here on the 14th so she’ll be able to do the big clean so the house is ready for its new owners at noon on the 15th.

Yup. Easy-peasy.

The universe is filled with abundance and ease. It’s only my thinking that likes to create drama around the lack of time, resources or common sense!

Drama is not my friend.

Breathing into the abundance all around me, I find my balance and accept with gratitude, all is well in my world.



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