My heart always knows where Love lives.

The drive for perfection is the killer of joy.

Focused only on the perfection of the outcome I seek, I miss experiencing the wholeness of the moment in which I live. I cannot be attached to ‘the perfect way’ or outcome if I am to be present to all that is present.

This Christmas, our traditions are all a-tumble. My beloved and I are in a temporary home, surrounded by unfamiliar furnishings with all of our Christmas decorations, baubles and bows packed away. Our children will not be here on Christmas Day and our annual dinner will not happen until the 29th — and it won’t be in our home. I haven’t spent days joyfully immersed in crafting artful name-tags and festive centre-pieces in my studio. I haven’t even done any shopping. How will I know it’s Christmas?

I breathe.

And move into the quiet.

Softly, gently, peace descends and I hear the loving voice within me whisper, “Your heart always knows.”

I breathe again.

There is no rush to get it all done. No need to have it all perfect. My heart always knows where love lives fully.

I release my need to have it ‘right’ and move into being present.

In the sacred space of being at one with the moment, there is only the call to move deeper into the mystery and wonder of this time of year. This time when the whole world holds its collective breath in anticipation of the moon’s journey around the sun becoming one of greater light rising above the horizon along the northern hemisphere, or of beginning its journey into the dark in the south. When Christians await the birth of a child and Jews light candles for the festival of light and  Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans and Zoroastrian celebrate their own spiritual traditions.

And all humankind prays for peace.

For a world without war. For an environment without stress. For an earth without fear, poverty, famine, abuse, homelessness.

No matter where I am, or how I celebrate, let my thoughts and all I do and say and create be about Peace.

Peace. For all humankind. For all living beings. For all earth.

Christmas will be different this year. But it will still be Christmas.

There will be song and laughter, joy and love. There will be family and friends gathered around the table and gifts exchanged and hugs shared and moments shimmering in the light of love.

It doesn’t matter that the nametags may be store-bought or that the decorations may be sparse of that the day for our festive meal may be other than the 25th. What matters most is that we will be together. Family and friends, old and new, sharing in what makes this time of year so very special — Hope. Peace. Joy. and Love.



6 thoughts on “My heart always knows where Love lives.

  1. Enjoy in joy! Peace to all and blessings in abundance. Create your best opening to allow all the joy and love in just like you do when you wake up each day. Love is everywhere and you are in love with this crazy world! Santa and his angels have found you and you are in the light of godly peace.

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