The here and now: the greatest teacher

All that is present is the greatest teacher of all that is within me.

When I ask myself, “What is yearning to be known in this that is here right now?” I open the door to my own growth and understanding.

When we deny ourelves the asking, we deny ourselves our own truth. And when we deny our own truth, we stumble blindly in the darkness seeking answers in all the wrong places.



PS — the internet in our rented condo is intermittent. This morning, it took a break and now, I  must run off to a meeting to get the keys for the community hall we have rented for tomorrow night’s festive feast with family and friends.  The nice thing about unexpected interruptions is it gives me pause to reflect — and write brief! 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful, awe-inspired day.


4 thoughts on “The here and now: the greatest teacher

  1. Completely agree, we are out greatest teachers. The answers to most of our struggles lie within.Observing others is extremely beneficial for me. Early on I perhaps didn’t have, or misinterpreted proper instruction as to navigating my way through life. I was extremely naive.


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