To Be At Peace

To be at peace doesn’t mean rolling over and giving up.

To be at peace is the art of keeping your cool, no matter how fierce the winds are swirling around you, or how harsh the cold.

It means staying true to your values, your beliefs, no matter how hard the knock.

It means, not striking out because someone struck first, and instead, responding to create the more of what you want in the world, not the less of their actions.

Our human nature often wants to strike back. Get even. Make them feel what we felt.

Yet, to do so doesn’t make us feel better if in striking back, we too are hurt, we too are carrying the burden of regret, of anger, of pain.

Getting even gives short term gain. Long term pain.

Go for the long game. Find the path to peace by holding yourself 100% accountable for all your actions, words, thoughts and deeds. Stand true to who you are. Act out of your values and do not let yourself be pulled into the storm of someone else’s chaos. Create peace where ever you are and seek it in all things.


10 thoughts on “To Be At Peace

  1. For me Louise, to be at peace is to go beyond my personal desires and needs and wants …. which keeps us separate, competitive and defensive. It goes beyond standing up for our higher selves and values.
    When I react to others, and can see my own imperfect self in their behaviors, I know I am on the path to peace. As long as I see me versus them there is always struggle. No matter how much I create an environment that supports my personal expression.
    Letting go of β€œme” and my desires is a powerful next step in our spiritual growth πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ’›

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  2. You know I was thinking that this comment today reminds me of how much we need to try and re-educate our political leadership with these types of attitudes. Then I thought: Why doesn’t our Louise get into political life and do public service? Then I thought, hey cool it buddy, she is already doing public service so leave it alone and let Louise keep on serving in this huge and wonderful way. Enough of sharing my thoughts. PHLOW onward. Namaste.


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