The 3 Sisters

Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

The last time the 3 sisters went on a trip together was 1983.

A week in San Francisco.

Sure, we’ve been together since then. Births and weddings. Funerals and family gatherings.

But just the 3 of us? Together? For the fun of it?

Well, it’s been a long time.

Though perhaps I should be more explicit.  The last time my two sisters and I shared a hotel room together was 1983 in San Francisco.

It was an experience.

I’m a wake up wide-eyed in a second flat, out the door (in those days I ran), let’s get the day started, early morning riser.

My eldest sister is a get up early and quietly, get organized in an organized kind of way and let’s plan the day, kind of morning person.

And then… there’s our middle sister.  She likes to wake up leisurely, savour the morning. Sipping coffee. Reading. Chatting. Puttering about. Taking her time to figure out what to wear, what to do, what to bring with her for the day, kind of middle of the morning not-an-early riser person.

It should be fun. Because, no matter how we start our day, we get to spend it bathed in sisterly love! How lovely.

This weekend, we’re off to Vancouver to celebrate the pending birth of my daughter and son-in-love’s baby boy. He’s arriving early. A complication in her pregnancy means he’ll be here the middle of this month, not his expected March 10.

And I’m so excited!

But first, the 3 sisters will be dabbling in a little sisterly love at my favourite hotel on English Bay.

Both my daughters will be in YVR as well meaning… The Gallagher Girls will be all together.

What fun!

Have a great weekend everyone.

7 thoughts on “The 3 Sisters

  1. Good morning! Congratulations on the impending arrival of your grandson into the living arms of such a close-knit family. The little one will be surrounded by love, warmth, laughter and years of life experience to guide him along the path of life, which we know can be a tad rocky, mysterious and at the same time, and an adventure not to be missed.

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