Across the Universe. All You Need is Love

I read the news today. Oh Boy.

This morning, after reading the news about a Neo-Nazis group in the US, a holocaust denial article published on a Calgary muslim website and a story about fentanyl deaths in British Columia, I felt angry. Confused. Upset.

Really? What are we thinking? How can one Neo-Nazi group be responsible for 5 murders in the US in the last 8 months? How can young men be joining Neo-Nazi groups, waving Swatsika’s and raising arms, killing their girlfriend’s parents because they convinced her to break up with him because of his neo-nazi leanings? How is it that 4 of 5 fentanyl deaths in BC are men, mostly young, mostly alone at home?

We can do better.

And I use the ‘we’ on purpose.

It is not ‘them’ doing this to themselves, or to ‘us’. It is all of us. We are all on this earth together. Breathing the same air. Drinking the same water. Walking the same planet.

But here’s the problem. I want it to be ‘them’. I do not want this crazy-making, deadly part of our humanity to be part of my humanity.

And I can’t cut it out.

This part of me that is connected to you. Connected to them. Connected to all of us. It is all part of our world.

Perhaps that is what makes me feel so angry. And sad.

We are doing this to one another, and I feel helpless.

I know where feeling helpless goes. I’ve been there before when I was in a relationship that was killing me and trying to pretend my life was not on a downward spiral to hell.

I am not helpless. We are not helpless.

But I am silent. Mostly.

What about you? Are you silent too?

Silent no more, I choose to speak up. Not against what is being done in the name of hatred and violence but in the name of Love.

I choose to speak up for Love, with Love, in Love.

With all of it.

The sorrow and joy. The grief and jubilation. The darkness and the brilliance of our humanity when we step out from behind the shadows and claim our place under the sun. Together. A place where all of us belong, not because I say so or you decree it, but because in this place of belonging, we do not hide in the shadows, fearing the darkness and the light. In this place, we know darkness and light, grief and joy, hate and Love are all part of our humanity. All belong in our human journey.

In this place, we do not shame those who disagree with us, or who battle addiction, or hold a flag that makes our blood boil. In this place we hold space for light to get into the darkness so that through understanding, tolerance, compassion, we can speak up for all humanity, not just those who see it our way.

In this place, I don’t feel so helpless, so lost, so alone. I feel empowered, emboldened, fearless in my belief that when I face hatred, anger, violence with a soft heart and strong back, no matter the news or our human condition, Love will always be my answer.

And in Love, sadness fades and I am reminded once again of the power I possess to be the change I want to see in my world.

I read the news today. Oh Boy.

All you need is Love!


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